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750 Point First Game

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This will be my first game with CSM. Until now I've only ever played Chaos Daemons and as such have a daemon prince for an HQ and a Soul Grinder for a Defiler (I ordered a vindicator on ebay and I think I'd rather use it for this list but we'll see if it gets here in time). I'll probably be against Eldar.

Daemon Prince w/ MoS, LoS, Wings

7 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster, 3 Sonic Blasters, Extra Armored Rhino, and a Champion with a Doom Siren
6 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster and 2 Sonic Blasters

Heavy Support:
Vindicator w/ Possession and Heavy Bolter (This would be a defensive weapon right?)

I guess I'd like to know how this list will do as well as what I should buy next. I'm planning on just doing Slaanesh and Nurgle atm. Note that as of right now I just have 16 Noise Marines, a Noise Champion, a Chaos Lord, and a Rhino in terms of CSM models. My Daemons could provide 2 princes, one Soul Grinder for a defiler, and a bunch of summoned greater and lesser daemons
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Vindicators are Offensive, to the extreme, drive them forward and Demolisher cannon.

Lash groups together into a huddle, bringing them forward as much as you can, then Stick Vindicator Pie-Plates on them.
Keep your Defiler as 4x DCCW; If you fire the Battlecannon (which you will) you can't fire anything else, but you can still move. So just keep moving it forward, battlecannon->troops until you can fleet assault something.

Not a very slaanesh-like tactic, more Khorne, but frankly it's the best way to use Defilers.
I know situations like that croc, Where your stuck shooting something, knowing that its a waste of time, but nothing else to do... :|

I constantly get people shoving dreadnoughts up my ass, moving them in to intercept Khorne Berserkers.... meaning i either charge them, and pray for those 6's with Krak... Or if i dont charge, and move to the side, i'm going the wrong way :|

So the problem is there, and you need to solve it, And i solved it by taking meltabombs.

So just think;
•What is the problem
•What can i do about it
-Including different weapon arrangements
-Different deployment
-Maybe even a new strategy all together.

Good Warring :wild:
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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