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750 Point First Game

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This will be my first game with CSM. Until now I've only ever played Chaos Daemons and as such have a daemon prince for an HQ and a Soul Grinder for a Defiler (I ordered a vindicator on ebay and I think I'd rather use it for this list but we'll see if it gets here in time). I'll probably be against Eldar.

Daemon Prince w/ MoS, LoS, Wings

7 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster, 3 Sonic Blasters, Extra Armored Rhino, and a Champion with a Doom Siren
6 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster and 2 Sonic Blasters

Heavy Support:
Vindicator w/ Possession and Heavy Bolter (This would be a defensive weapon right?)

I guess I'd like to know how this list will do as well as what I should buy next. I'm planning on just doing Slaanesh and Nurgle atm. Note that as of right now I just have 16 Noise Marines, a Noise Champion, a Chaos Lord, and a Rhino in terms of CSM models. My Daemons could provide 2 princes, one Soul Grinder for a defiler, and a bunch of summoned greater and lesser daemons
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for the squad of 6, get them a rhino
and no a heavy bolter isnt a defencive weapon (must be S4 or lower)

hmm... slaanesh and Nurgle you say?
Lash prince is ok, well rounded for any army really, just be careful about were he stands, alturnatly you could use a Slaanesh Lord with Blissgiver which would also be effective as he could hide out in a squad

Noice marines look good, though i think Slaanesh's number is 6?, also both need to be in rhino's dont bother with EA on their rhinos

Defiler is ok, it kinda suits Slaanesh due to fleet, and its a beats in CC, replace all its wepaons but the battle cannon with DCCW's

TBH i wouldnt use a Vindi untill you get some nurgle into your army since its pretty unfluffy and its going to be a big target for Fire dragons and so on

Things i would suggest are a Squad of Slaanesh Raptors, now Raptors arnt really that great in combat (you wanna run a squad of 7-8 with a Twin LC champ) but they have the advantage of very fast movement and being I5, that means that even though they arnt the best comabt unit they will strike first against most things in the game, and take less wounds because there are less things to strike back :3, of corse that is completely up to you

for this point level your army seems solid, though i would use the Vindi points for another squad of Noise marines or some Slaanesh raptors (possibly even a Slaanesh lord with Blissgiver if you wanna run one of your Noice marine squads for CC) Happy hunting :3

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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