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750 Point First Game

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This will be my first game with CSM. Until now I've only ever played Chaos Daemons and as such have a daemon prince for an HQ and a Soul Grinder for a Defiler (I ordered a vindicator on ebay and I think I'd rather use it for this list but we'll see if it gets here in time). I'll probably be against Eldar.

Daemon Prince w/ MoS, LoS, Wings

7 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster, 3 Sonic Blasters, Extra Armored Rhino, and a Champion with a Doom Siren
6 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster and 2 Sonic Blasters

Heavy Support:
Vindicator w/ Possession and Heavy Bolter (This would be a defensive weapon right?)

I guess I'd like to know how this list will do as well as what I should buy next. I'm planning on just doing Slaanesh and Nurgle atm. Note that as of right now I just have 16 Noise Marines, a Noise Champion, a Chaos Lord, and a Rhino in terms of CSM models. My Daemons could provide 2 princes, one Soul Grinder for a defiler, and a bunch of summoned greater and lesser daemons
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hmm, doesn't look like I'm going to get the Vindicator in time so I'll have to use the defiler. Should I keep his armaments at default or replace some stuff with close combat weapons?

Also, would I be better off with the Noise Champion with a Doom Siren or adding another Noise marine to the squad of six and throw in some more Sonic Blasters?
Well I got beat kind of badly. I'm going to chalk it up to not understanding how the army works very well though, just to make myself feel better.

Since my main army is Daemons I'm really not good at knowing how to use ranged weapons other than assault type. I was trying to take out his wave serpent with my blast masters for half the game, which in hindsight was a huge waste of the firepower that the rest of the noise marines had, and even after 4 penetrating shots throughout the game never managed to so much as destroy a weapon. All the while I was losing 2 or so marines per turn to his scouts and every other turn he'd dump his dire avengers and farseer out of the wave serpent and use blade storm and some other stuff to shoot up my models.

Luckily we had a lot of time after the game so we played a 2000 point game, with me using my Daemons instead, and after tabling him I felt a little less crappy about my CSM loss.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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