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I love clan raukaan and I love razorbacks. I hate 750 points! This point level is actually harder for me than 1500 - 2k. What size table are you playing? Those TLACs work great on the smaller table tops, but sadly the razors tend to get hull pointed to death in one turn many times and never get the chance to IWND or be repaired. When I bring razorbacks I bring tons of them. Like 7-10. At the smaller points level dreadnoughts may hold in there a little better and benefit from the chapter tactics and repair rolls. They can also be killers in CC, especially the Ironclad. Iron Hands have the toughest Ironclads in the game for sure. They just need a drop pod on the larger tables. Otherwise you'll be running across the board a good bit.

I've started taking scouts quite regularly in my Iron Hands because of all the bolstered defenses and their camo giving them an easy 2+ cover save for a minimal points cost. The 6+ FNP on top is just the gravy.

Other good units are Vindicators on the small table, and predators on the large. AV13 means that they are less likely to be taken down in a turn and you get a return on those repair points.

The power axe on that MotF is a total waste of good points. Mine was modeled with one and I snapped that thing off quick. It's 15 extra points for an AP2 unwieldly weapon that gives him +1 Strength. He already has two x2 AP1 unwieldly weapons. You'll never use it in CC. Just keep the bolter for better shooting.

All this said, what you have is no where near being bad. At 750 it'll scare many of the armies I'd bring with all that medium strength firepower. The rending really helps since you don't have any melta and the volume of fire helps with infantry heavy lists.

And I almost forgot... Welcome to the game brother!
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