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Right games of 1000pts or under are incredably difficult for Chaos Space Marines

What I recommend is you get your three force organization chart units sorted first.

So in order to do this effeciently at a low points game what I recommend is that you use one cult squad in this case berzerkers and then use your HQ as the champion of that unit, therefore saving you some points as your HQ which is mandatory fulfils the role of the cult units champion.

For Khorne I would really have to point you towards Kharn, just check out my special characters tactica in my sig to see why. So try this following list

(747pts) (3 Vehicles) (18 Models)


Kharn 165pts
This guy is a beast in combat, always wounds on a 2+ and has a plasma pistol just in case a unit is hiding in a Rhino, and 2 d6 penetration against vehicles, so no sneaky dreadnoughts or even Land Raiders at this points level will bother you.


7 Khorne Berzerkers, Rhino, 182pts
Go with Kharn and are an excellent retinue for him and a fluffy number when Kharn is added!
10 CSM, Champion, Powerfist, IOK, x2 Meltaguns, Rhino 275
Great allrounders, you can replace the IOK but because x2 meltaguns means your close to the frontlines it makes this unit great against hordes due to +1 attack and it gets an extra PF attack for your champ


Chaos Vindicator 125pts
This unit is great against hordes and with strength 10 threatens all vehicles, plus it makes your opponent decide, Kharn or Vindi? He'll maybe kill or immobilze one, but the other will get through
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