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Zerkers and a DP good start! For your second troop choice I would suggest plague marines, they are nails plus you can run double special weapon in a squad 7!
Rhinos are the way forward for your zerkers and to be fair most foot slogging choices, extra protection and extra mobility!
A good starter list (in my opinion) would be

Daemon Prince - 155
Wings, Warptime

8 Zerkers - 258
SC with PF, rhino with EA

7 Plaguemarines - 256
PC with PF, 2xMG and a rhino

1 Obliterator - 75

= 744
But like right hand of khorne said, there are some good list builds on here for beginners/returning players out of the loop!
2 too look for are Svarts black legion compendium and ROT's Khorne compendium
Welcome back to 40k and the glory of chaos!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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