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This is a very solid list, 5 times out of 10 your DP will get shot before he gets into CC, wings are a near must have.

If i were you this list would be my starting point, it might have a tad of minor issues but none that i can see (gameplay will reveal).

Ya this is solid. If they focus your DP then your rhinos full of Zerkers and Plague Marines should eat everything. If they ignore the DP then well... thats self explanatory. My suggestion is Roll the DP behind the Rhinos.

Everything is Moving 12" so you can Rhino wall into CC.

By this I mean:

On Turn 1: Rhino 1 Moves 12" and turns sideways and pops smoke, then move up Rhino 2 and the DP make sure to manoeuvre to that majority of Rhino 2 and DP get their 4+ cover and obscure save.
Turn 2: Rhino 2 Moves up and pops smoke while Rhino 1 and the DP take cover.
Turn 3 You are in their lines with hopefully everything is still intact.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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