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Im getting the space wolves battle force for xmas :D cannot wait,and i decided to make this list,im also getting Njal Stormcaller for my HQ.My friend is getting blood angels so that is what ill be up against,plus i found an old Space Marine painted him up and gonna convert him to a lone wolf.

The list:
Njal Stormcaller
Runic terminator armour

5 wolf scouts
2 power weapons, 3 sniper rifles

1 lone wolf
mark of the wulfen, wolf claw

10 grey hunters
power fist, wolf banner, 2 meltaguns

10 blood claws
power fist,1 plasma gun
1 drop pod
deathwind missile launcher


Any tips are welcome :)

Removed the individual point costs for you. - darkreever

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I can't really comment on the list, as I don't know a thing about a good Space Wolves list. I know you're new, but you need to take out the individualised point costs, it's against the forum rules and is on icy ground with Games Workshops IP.

So instead of putting
10 blood claws xx points + xx (power fist) + xx (1 plasma gun)


10 blood claws, 1 w/ power fist and 1 w/ plasma gun - 110 points.

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I dont play much space wolves either, but i've looked into army building and tactics a tad. But one thing I see is that Njal is waaay to expensive for this point level. I would suggest sticking to either a standard rune priest with chooser of the slain for now (you can still use Njal's model, just proxy him as an un-named rune priest)

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Exactly. So drop Njal, and throw in more space wolves. And correct me if i'm mistaken, but doesnt mark of the wolfen give you the d6+1 attacks? If so, it states that the attacks are made with claw and teeth, and therefore do not benefit from any wargear (the wolf claw, in this case). Also, I think you should re-check your point costs, cause 10 grey hunters definitely are not 75points base.

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As Arcticor said, you can proxy Njal as a standard Rune Priest. If you don't know what proxying means, it is using the model of one unit, to represent another. Just make sure your opponent knows before you start any matches.

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Why would i need to proxy him as he is the only HQ i will be getting and with the battle-force alone rammed with upgrades its only like 500 points so im using him to bring it nearer to 750
I'm pretty sure you have the price of the 10 grey hunters and 10 blood claws wrong there. They can't be only 75 points for 10, more like double that by my estimates. This would give you a 750 point force even without Njal.

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Do you own a copy of Codex: Space Wolves?

This is a mess, mate. The Lone Wolf is illegally armed, the Grey Hunters squad costs 70 more points than you've got listed, and the Blood Claws are 75 points more than you've got listed.

The squads start at 75 points each-- 10 Space Marines are 150 points on their own, with no upgrades.

What you've actually got is 864 points, not 724-- a difference of 140 points. So, let's clean this up a bit.

HQ/ 270
Njal in Terminator Armou

10 Grey Hunters; 1 Power Fist, 1 Plasma Gun (put that here instead of in the Blood Claws), 1 Meltagun.

10 Blood Claws; 1 Power Fist, 1 Meltagun.
-Drop Pod with Deathwind Launcher

Lone Wolf armed with a Bolt Pistol and Wolf Claw

The above is 735-- if you wanted, you could give somebody (the Lone Wolf, or a single model in either of your two Troops choices) a plasma pistol, and it'd be exactly 750 then. There's no way to fit the Scout squad into 750 points if you want to bring Njal in Terminator Armor-- you'd need a cheaper HQ to afford them, and you'd have to drop the Lone Wolf as well to make them fit.

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As Horus just mentioned, your not paying the correct amount of points for your grey hunter and blood claw packs.

The list in his post is slightly off (that grey hunter pack is only 180/185 depending on which gun you count as the second one.)

As Arcticor, Insanity72, and Horus have mentioned, Njal really doesn't fit in a list at this point level. Yes your getting the Njal model, but that does not mean you have to use it as Njal; you can instead use it as a regular rune priest.

Anyway, so you have a power armoured marine model and are getting the battleforce which gives you twenty power armoured marines, five scouts, and a drop pod along with Njal (in terminator armour.)

Dusk2Dawn said:
My friend is getting blood angels so that is what ill be up against,
Alright so your going up against marines, makes suggestions and recommendations a bit easier. Mind you, its still a bit better to aim for something more all comers, but thats mostly my opinion.

First thing would be making those blood claws into a second pack of grey hunters. Blood claws are alright when they get the charge, but their lower BS means that meltaguns and plasmaguns are a bit of a waste on them (especially a plasmagun as it can deny them their charge), they are best in larger packs or when transported in a land raider, and you really want something like a wolf priest leading them.

Next, I'm going to echo the others and suggest using the Njal model as a rune priest in terminator armour, give him the master of runes upgrade to make him a more powerful psyker. The priest won't have all the rules of Njal, but it will save you 100 points.

Then there are the scouts, who you have armed for two conflicting roles, that of long range support and close combat. Yes you can move and shoot the sniper rifles, but you don't want them moving; but you need to be moving so you can get into combat for the power weapons. They need to settle on one of those roles.

Personally, I would recommend something along the following list:
Rune priest
Terminator armour, master of the runes

Grey hunter pack

9x Grey hunters
Power weapon, flamer, mark of the wulfen

Grey unter pack

9x Grey Hunters
Plasmagun, power weapon, plasma pistol
Drop pod

Wolf guard pack

3x Wolf Guard
Combi-plasma and power weapon, combi-melta and powerfist, 2x wolf claws

Scout pack

5x Scouts

Total: 754

This makes use of all of your models, is set for all around gaming but is no slouch against marine armies, and can be built upon later.

The three wolf guard would each join one of the three packs, the plasma and power weapon wolf guard with the drop pod pack, the twin wolf claw with the second grey hunter pack, and the melta and powerfist with the scouts; the rune priest would also join the non podding grey hunters.

Its not a perfect list by any means, and this is due in part to the fact that the vast majority of the battleforces are not good for starting an army (they are best for adding a fair amount of stuff to an existing army.) But thems the breaks, and a strong list can be made with what you have at your disposal.
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