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++++++After Action Report - 52nd Krieg Armoured Division Activity on Tau-Occupied Planet++++++

Commit to: Imperial Record DKoK 52/750
Crossfile to : Tau Planet Va'Sera
Input Date: 11292007.M630
Input Clearance: Division Commander Tiberius Lupin
Author: Division Commander Tiberius Lupin

Thought For the Day: Trust in the Emperor for Protection, not Reinforced Ceramite Armour.

After remains of a Warlord Titan were discovered in the Tau Occupied Va'Sera system by Explorator Sigmar, several small detachments from the DKoK 52nd Armoured Division were dispatched to investigate the possibility of retrieving components for use in the construction of a new Warlord Titan. I, Commander Tiberius Lupin, dispatched 2 squadrons of 3 tanks each consisting of a Vanquisher, Demolisher, and Standard pattern Leman Russ to the planet's surface to attempt retrieval. They were all outfitted with Additional Armour plating on the sides and Special Issue Reinforced Ceramite Armour to protect from the Tau Fusion Blasters often issued to Battlesuit Commanders. Field performance of these additions will be discussed later.

First Squadron, led by Captain Ramius, was air-dropped into position and was, fittingly, the first to see combat. A Detachment of Tau including a Hammerhead armed with a Railgun, one Broadside Battlesuit, 10 Kroot, 2 Crisis Battlesuits, and a Commander came across the Squadron soon after landfall.

Captain Ramius attempted to hide his tanks from the Railguns behind the cover of a forest and a ruined building, and believing his tanks to be out of sight after moving behind the building did not order his Smoke Launchers to be deployed yet. Unfortunately, he did not count on the Hammerhead to be so swift in movement and still be able to fire it's Railgun, and the Demolisher was caught on its side armor, and destroyed. Advancing Kroot provided the Battle Tank a target for it's Heavy Bolters, but only 2 were killed due to the protection of the forest, and the Kroot's Natural ability to make even better use of the cover. Ramius' Vanquisher moved into position and fired his Anti-tank round at the Hammerhead, but the shot deflected off the curved armour of the Skimmer. Not taking any chances, Ramius ordered Smoke to be used on the Battle tank and relied on the cover of a hill to protect the Vanquisher. The Tau tank missed its shot at the Leman Russ, and ineffective fire from the Kroot at the rear armor of the Battle Tank left it intact. Ramius again fired an AT shell at the Hammerhead, this time missing and only causing the tank to be showered with debris from the hill the shot slammed into. The Battle tank managed a few more dead Kroot before being silenced by the Hammerhead, though Ramius finally connected with his shell and returned the favor. Knowing the Broadside would lay into his exposed rear armor should he attempt to flee, Ramius made a desperate play to annihilate the last threat to his tank, but his gunners misjudged the distance, and undershot the Battlesuit, though the shell landed amidst the Commander, and killed several of his drones. The returning salvo of fire from the Battlesuit finished Ramius's battle effectiveness, and though we managed to salvage his vehicles, and the still intact Vanquisher turret from the battlefield, he will be duly punished for his forgetfulness and lack of proper Field Tactics.

Though his force was destroyed, Ramius did manage to transmit coordinates to Second Squadron of the discovered Titan wreckage, and what they discovered there was entirely unsuspected, and will be filed in a subsequent AAR.

The effectiveness of the Side Skirts and Reinforced Ceramite Armour is still in question at this point, for while the Side Skirts do deter many weapons from firing, the additional protection from Melta weapons is still questionable, as we have seen few Melta weapons since equipping our tanks thusly.

Your Obedient Servant,
Commander Tiberius Lupin
52nd Krieg Armoured Division​
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