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the game was a simple take and hold mission with various destroyed tanks and buildings acting as scenery


lord in term armor with blood feeder daemon weapon

11csm with bolt pistol & chain sword

10 korhn bezerkers


champ wih plasma pistol and power weapon

heavy bolter and auto cannon suppored buy 2 marines with bolters


Company master with plasma pistol and power sword

10 man tactical squad with plasma cannon - x2


scouts - 4 sniper rifles and 1 missile launcher

landspeeder with heavy bolters and typhoon missile launchers


Chaos: The havocs where sitting atop a ruined building with a nice line of sight covering the objective the bezerkers where just in he corner of the building with the csm and chaos lord to their left

DA: he 2 ten men squads deployed in the opposite corner to the havocs with the company master joining one of the squads. the dreadnaught ook the far right flank in line with the havocs and the landspeeder deployed in the middle for fire support.

the scouts deployed behind a broken landspeeder covering the objective and the approaching heretics.

turn 1:

Chaos: the csm and chaos lord advanced forwards behind the cover of a burnt out whirlwind as the bezerkers slowly emerged from the ruined building. the havocs on the rooftop saw the scouts but only managed to kill one....first blood for the blood god!

DA: The landspeeder flew forwards towards the advancing heretics firing its heavy bolter only to watch the rounds bounce off their armour. he dreadnaught slowly lumbered forwards towards the objective knowing there was very little that could harm it. Tactical squad 2 (the one without the company master) raced forwards as tac squad 1 covered their advance felling one csm with a shot from a plasma cannon.

Turn 2:

Chaos: the csm and lord chasing down the scouts looking for a warm up fight fired a few shots into the unit killing one more worshiper of the false god. The bezerkers biding their time moved into position behind the burnt out whirlwind. again the havocs opened fire at the scouts killing one more.

Da: The scouts knowing what has going to happen soon fired everything they had at the advancing csm only to watch it again bounce off their armor. Tac sq 1 now advanced towards the approaching csm as tac squad 2 gave assistance to the troubled scouts killing one more. the landspeeder turbo jumped across the battle field hoping to cause some chaos amongst the heretics as he dreadnought advaced closer to the objective opening fire at the havocs on the rooftop only to watch the ricochets off the stone building.

Turn 3:

chaos: The bezerkers noticing the speeders jump turned and opened fire but the ravenwing pilot was to skilled dodging the hail of bolters. the chaos lord and his unit almost ontop of the scouts opened fire again felling the remaining few. The havocs returned fire agains the dreadnaught to no avail. the bezerkers charged the speeder in an amazing flurry of attacks and pure blood lust managed to overwhelm the crew

Da: After seeing the freshly trained scouts cut down by the evil csm and lord the company master let out a battle cry as he ran forwards towards the advancing unit the whole of his unit firing their bolters as they ran into the lines of the fallen marines. The chaos lords daemon weapon proving to powerful wounded 6 of their numbers and the company master himself. The dreadnought stood atop the objective now firing at the havocs again this time only managing to take one of them down.

Turn 4:

Chaos: After destroying the landspeeder the bezerkers once again moved behind the cover of the whirlwind again the havocs opened fire on the dreanought with no luck this time it seemed the gods where not favoring them today. in the swirling mele the chaos lord getting bored with these weak opponents of the false emperor swung his mighty daemon axe in a flurry wiping out the rest of tac squad 1 and the company master and started advancing towards the remaining unit.

Da: The dreadnaught seeing the masters final moments fighting turned his weapons on the csm killing 3 of them softening them up nicely for the assault they where about to receive from tac squad 2. the squad opened fire on their targets as they smashed into the lines of the heretics the fury of their assault wounding the lord and leaving only 5 csm remaining, then the lord distracted by the voices in his head gathered his whits about him and shouting "blood for the blood god!" unleashed a flury of attacks against the unit only managing to kill 3 this time the emperor was smiling down on them at last.

Turn 5:

Chaos: The Havocs on the rooftop continued firing in vain a the dreadnought as the bezerkers advaced towards it knowing their bolers could not harm he meal beheamoth they just had to hope he chaos lord could make it in time or that the gods had something planned for them. the csm lead by the lord continued spilling he blood in the name of the blood god when somehow a flurry of blows from he tactical squad sent he lord flat on his back.

Da: once more the dreadnought fired at the havocs on the rooftop this time when the smoke had cleared only he mutant holding the autocannon remained. over in he combat the marines battled on bravely with only a few of the heretics remaining now when he lord stood up angry about the last blow he had taken atacked with such fury hat ther where only 3 marines remaining.

turn 6:

Chaos: with a last ditch effort the lone haovoc on the rooftop opened fire at the dreadnought after what he though where just sparks he realised he had severed some cables from the machines arms and legs leaving it immobilised. the bezerkers climbed forward onto the objective. Over in he combat the csm where killing the last few remaining marines when the lords weapon rebeled against him with raw warp energy coming from the weapon and shooting into his head as the lord fell so did the last few remaining marines the battle was won.

Vicory points:

chaos: 683

Da: 316

it was a clost game until the last few turns hope you had as much fun reading as we did playing any suggestions what to change in either tactics or army lists next time my chaos forces take on marines?
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