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G'day guys
This is a new army roster I've made, I've been trialling it and it seems to work well. so I thought I would post it on here for you guys to try it out and see what you think.

I've tried to think of everything that is needed, such as separate boxes connected to the main box for individual units. For example each troop choice box has a box attached under it for the character in the unit with his own place for wargear as well.

The vehicles/walkers have a space for hull points now and a box at the end so that you can write which slot they belong to.

I have also included a box in the statline called WR. This stands for wounds remaining so characters with more than one wound can be tracked on the roster sheet, rather than keep a dice following them around on the table.

Also the weapons table on the last page should make life a bit easier to keep track of what each weapon can do with out having to refer back to the books. Also you will see a notes/special rules at the back I included this to not only fill up space but to also write any specific things such as chapter tatics or instinctive behaviour etc.

Anyway enough rambling see what you guys think.

Thanks go to wookiepelt for doing the conversion from excel to pdf for me and also to mr_barwn who let me know how to do this in the future. Cheers Guys


View attachment 40K ROSTER SHEET.pdf
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