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My opponent (my brother) is very new to Warhammer and doesn't have enough models to play a larger game, so I helped him come up with a list with what he has. He's playing a chaos wizard of Tzeetch and two units of 12 Khorne warriors with additional hand weapons. Unfortunately, not much can beat Khorne warriors in combat, points for points and I really don't have enough points to do anything but meet them head on. My Lizardmen collection thus far consists of:

1x Slann
1x Skink Chief
2x Skink Priests
24x Saurus Warriors
24x Skinks (skirmisher or otherwise)
3x Kroxigors
1x Stegadon/Anceint Stegadon/EotG
20x temple guard (can be played as regular saurus if it comes to that)
8x Cold One Cavalry

I suppose a Scar-Vet could help me win in CC but by not taking a wizard a forfeit my 2D6 PD and weaken my magical defense.

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An army must have 3 Non Character units. I know it's an early game for a beginner, but it's worth remembering ;). For that matter, I won't take into account the normal limits.

Skink Cohorts should be awesome in this, IMHO.

24 Skink Cohorts, with 3 Kroxigors are awesome - You strike Last regardless with the Krox, so it makes no difference, but S6 bypasses the warriors Armour, as they do not have shields. The skinks are squishy enough that he feels he'll do plenty of damage.

However, that may be a bit complicated, so Warriors with Spears and Shields are the next way to go.

A Stegadon with a basic L2 Skink Priest is expensive, but should be able to cause a bit of damage, but that could be a bit evil at this level - even 2HW Khorne Warriors aren't going to do that much to it.

To be fair he's just getting into it, so you'll want to encourage him.

I don't have the points to hand, but you might want to look into creating something along the lines of;

Scar Vet, Spear, Shield, Cold One
18 Saurus with Spears+Shields (gives you a 4+ Armour Save versus ADHW Warriors, decent enough).
10 Skink Skirmishers
5 Saurus Cavalry

Have the skirmishers attempt to lead the warriors around the board. With Ld8 and no reroll they'll fail at least once, which is more than enough.

The Warriors take the brunt of one unit, thanks to spears and supporting attacks, they have 24 Attacks against the Warriors 30. They'll attack first - 20 hits, 10 wounds, 5 deaths.

19 Attacks in return, 10-11 hits, 5-6 wounds, 3-4 deaths

This is when you charge in with the knights. As it's just a L2 Sorceror, you can let him get away with that - you still have the Winds of Magic to defend against magic - even 3/4 dice should be enough to control the magic phase - with only two spells to cast, you can throw 3 or even all 4 at just one spell. Letting the other get through won't dishearten your kid.

The Saurus Cavalry are hit and miss in larger games, but in this they could be a larger distraction - especially as WoC are now pretty much Warriors+Hellcannon support, OR Troll builds, Cavalry counters are something it's best to learn early on.


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Based on the size of the battle you're talking about, and the models that you have, you're a bit limited in how you can fashion a legal army. I don't have my Lizardmen book in front of me, but I'd be pretty surprised if you can take a Slaan and not exceed 25% of 625 points. I would probably go something like a Skink Priest w/ Lvl 2, a stripped down Scar Vet as your BSB, and then all the Sauruses you can field in two blocks. Whatever points you have left, you can squeeze in a special/rare choice (maybe your Temple Guard?).
Such a small game is gonna be tough against Warriors of Chaos, for sure.
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