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I love bike lists and its nice to see a non-white scars player using them.

Was having a play and this is what i came up with...

5 Sniper squad

Priest - Mounted on a bike

Bike squad - 2 Plasma, 1 seargent power weapon and Meltabomb, 1 Attack bike with Hvy bolter

2 Multimelta Attack bikes

2 Hvy bolter Attack bikes

2 Hvy bolter Attack bikes.

I belive it fits the rules as explain on the site, but you do have T5 models with 3+ saves FNP and FC. You can also turbo boost for a 3+? cover save I belive.

Swapped the assault squad for scouts to kit out the bike squad and cut down on the multi melta bikes becuase are you really going to be facing THAT much mech at 600 pts?
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