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As of late I've joined a new group of gamers and have embarking on a 6 month challenge to get 1000pts painted. Now, most of you would scoff at such a trivial feat, masters of the craft that you are. Me on the other hand ... well, it will be a challenge and then some just because of the crap job I do when it comes to painting.

ANYWHO!!! ... I've decided I would like to document, for posterity's sake, my craptastic foray into the hobby world. I'll be posting (HOPEFULLY on a regular basis) my snail's pace progress in this thread.

Let's get this sloppy whore rolling!

To start off are the warriors. I LOVE warriors!! If hounds could wear chaos armor I'd probably mess my pants. Here's the test model I did for the armor color scheme:

I decided to go w/ something rather neutral so that I can give these bastards whatever mark I want and not have to worry about someone raising an eyebrow over green Khornite warriors.

Group shot:

Apologies for any crap backgrounds ... the paper wasn't playing nice in the light box.

I opted for a custom banner for the group. First off because I think it's cool (most people will probably cringe in horror) but mostly because I had a model where the halberd had already snapped off so I figured why not. Screw planning, I'm going for spontaneous! Here's the standard bearer:

He's not done yet as I plan on putting one of the chaos stars from the new chariot kit on the top ... somehow.

My armylist includes me running 3 Skullcrushers ... for the very 1st time ... EVER. :shok: Yeah, I'm a bit behind the times. Suck it up, buttercup.

Assembled Juggers:

Crusher bases:

That's it for now. I'm still deciding b/w a few models for my sorcerer (and by a few I mean 3 or 4 different models). I'll get some pics of the chariot (started) and hounds (already done fools!!!) up soon. Also, I've got some teaser pics to take my BSB model that I plan on using in larger games and a flightless DP w a custom built poleaxe.

I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball ...

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I did get the pics of the BSB and DP done last night, just didn't feel like working at posting at 1am.

Flightless DP:

The model was done up for me by a very creative friend of mine. The legs are from the Bloodthirster, the torso and arms are from the old metal 40K DP, and the head ... haven't a clue. There's also a ton of GS work done on it as well. The poleaxe I made. I actually had fun doing it as well! The hand was a weapon hand from the OK Bulls. I cut the weapon off and drilled a hole to fit a length of plastic rod. The weapon head was made using the double bladed halberd head from the chariot kit. I added a bit of plasticard to the lead edge to lengthen the blade and cut a bit off the back. I drilled a really fine hole into both the blade extension and the blade, stripped some CAT5e wire down to a single piece of copper and used that to pin the parts. After that I used my Dremel w/ sanding barrel (on very low speed and using a fairly worn barrel) to make the edge and then to smooth out the joint. The buttspike is one of the SC lance tips. The head and spike were connected, again, using CAT5e wire bits. The rod is hollow and the insulated individual wires fit inside perfectly. I drilled appropriate sized holes into the head and spike and then super glued them on. You might notice the large paper clip on the base. part of it is turned up and stuck up the foot of the DP. The giant head & horns made him very tipsy and I've found that paperclips make great counters. It will eventually get covered w/ sand and gravel so I'm not to worried about it.

On to the BSB. It's just a plastic knight model w/ a custom banner w/ the horse made to be rearing via the wonders of the paperclip.

Here's the dude:

Now for the fun part - the banner:

The banner I made from brass rod and bits of plastic. I used the same plastic tubing that the DP weapon haft was made of for joining the rods. I had to use some fine drill bits to hollow the rod out a bit more to get the rod through for the crossbar and the pole into the socket. The arch was just a bit of plasticard that I drilled 2 small holes into and gently bent. The spiky bits are from different WoC box sets. The wrap above the hand was made from more CAT5e wire.

W/ the banners:

The actual banner parts are the banners from the current WoC kit. I cut the spikes off the ends and then gently used a small drill bit to drill through the crossbar. I then used a hobby knife to cut out the bottom of the remaining pole so the banners could slip over the crossbar. I cut out the center of the banner top (pole, crossbar, and lashings) using a sprue clipper so that the banners would fit under the arch. SOMEHOW ... I managed to pull the banner parts off the 1st time on both banners! SCORE!!! Everything is held in place by tiny amounts of super thin superglue. I have 4 rare earth magnets glued into the corners on the bottom side of the base to magnetize it in the eventual case I ever make a display board. I'll post some pics of that later.

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OK! So, I played my 1st test game w/ my 1K list vs WE (a different player than the one in the painting challenge w/ me) this past Thur. He had, and this is all from memory:
--Lvl 3 Lord Level Spell Weaver w/ Asrai bow and Hail of Doom Arrow
--2 x 10 GG; both w/ Arcane Bodkins (-3 AS modifier; so when combined w/ the Asrai bow's Armor Piercing rule it was a -4 AS modifier!!!)
--5 Treekin w/ unit champ upgrade
--1 Great Eagle
--7 Weight Watchers w/ unit champ upgrade

I switched things up a bit but not much:
Lvl 2 Sorcerer w/ Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Chaos Familiar
16 Warriors w/ MoN, Halberds, Shields, FC, Standard of Discipline
6 Chaos Warhounds
Gorebeast Chariot w/ MoS
3 Skullcrushers w/ Ensorcelled Weapons, Musician

1) I opted for Lore of Fire only because I think I need some way to whittle down my opponent while I trudge across the field.
2) Decided to see how well the muso works in the crushers in stead of the standard.
3) Opted for Standard of Discipline on the warriors since I know I'll be up against heavy shooting from some version of elf and dwarfs in the final fun tournament at the end of the painting challenge. Can't have them trotting off the battle field after a 1st turn hail of missile fire.

We did random terrain on a 4x4 board. To make sure we didn't end up w/ more terrain than free space we did D3+4 pieces of terrain. Now, as a note, I've only ever used the BRB suggestion of D6+4 pieces of terrain twice and both times the D6 roll was a 6. Well, as it turns out, tonight wasn't going to be much different - we rolled a 5 so it was 7 pieces of terrain PLUS the free forest for the WE. Wah-freakin'-hoo.

We also decided to go w/ a random scenario out of the BRB and rolled up Blood & Glory. This would end up being my saving grace as you'll see later.

He ended up getting the 1st turn. He basically moved his eagle out to his left flank, rolled 12 for his Winds of Magic, IFed Black Horrer, misfired, and proceeded to kill his general losing the game on break point. Being the sporting gentleman I am, I offered to take a single wound off his general to keep the game going. He then rolled snake eyes for the miscast chart and we watched as his general got sucked into the warp and torn apart by daemons.

So, after about 5 min of play I had already won ... twice.

And what do you do when you're opponent kills himself twice in the span of mere minutes? Why, you start all over of course! We left the terrain in place, kept our original deployments, rerolled for spells, and then rolled off for 1st turn which I ended up winning. Whew! Also, this game, he did NOT get Black Horror.

It was pretty much what one would expect from a small game of WoC v WE - lots of shooting on his part and lots of hoping to make it to the other side on mine! Everything was pretty much funneled through one small gap on my left flank due to the fact that all 3 forests got set up in one big line. I sent the chariot and crushers through first, had the sorc and warriors hang back to try and fireball the way watchers sitting in the middle forest, while the dogs in a 2x3 formation tried to zip around the far right side where there was just enough of a gap to let them through. The hounds got obliterated right away by the WW at short range going multi-shot. 14 shots, 11 hits, ... 6 dead dogs. Luckily they were far enough away from the warriors that their inglorious death didn't force a panic.

I ended up getting a 3rd turn charge off w/ the crushers onto the unit of 5 treekin and tried to get the chariot into the unit of GG w/o the general. Crushers made it but the roll for the chariot was terrible and I went forward 5". I ended up taking 0 wounds on the crushers some how (one was already down 2 wounds from shooting) while only managing 4 myself. But that was enough to force a -5 check on Ld9 (general was w/in 12") which was failed and the crushers ran them down. This is where the boost to the unit w/ the muso rather than the standard showed. After running down the treekin, I was faced completely away from the rest of the WE army. Did my Ld check, passed it, reformed, and then was able to still maneuver 7". Tried another charge from the chariot that was now down to 1 wound and he plinked that final wound off so bye-bye chariot. He put his eagle in the way to protect his generals unit so I charged it and luckily wiped it out w/ just the attacks from 2 riders. Again, passed a Ld check to reform and do a bit of maneuvering to align for a charge and possible redirect if I had to. After another turn of shooting on his part, I ended up charging into his general's unit that had been whittled down by a 2D6 fireball w/ a single crusher that was down to 1 wound. He failed to plink off that final wound via shooting or CC and I killed off enough of the remaining GG to force a break test that he failed and I ran down his general in my half of T6. Game over.

The way watchers had been taken down to 3 due to an IFed fireball (sorc took a S6 hit and rolled a 6 for AS!) at some point in mid game. Aside from killing the hounds and a pair of warriors, they didn't do much. Magic for both sides was rather meh. We both rolled well for winds but he attempted 3 boosted doombolts that all failed to hit 24 and I had failed a 3D6 fireball on 5 dice and a 2D6 fireball on 4 dice at different points in the game.

Over all, I like the muso on the crushers. Not sure yet about the chariot. 1 game w/ a failed charge vs an opponent w/ -4 AS shooting is a bad measure. If I do change to a regular chariot, it's exactly enough points to add another warrior. The Lore of Fire did ok considering the crap rolls for casting. Will probably stick w/ that just to be able to have some ranged magic.
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