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After the assault moves have been completed then models attack in order of initiative (I) from highest to lowest while equal "I" attack simultaneously.

Take armor saves (if allowed) and remove models from any model in the unit, not just engaged models.

Count up the total unsaved wounds for each unit and compare to each other. The unit who took the least amount of unsaved wounds wins the combat. In the even of a tie, then go directly to pile in moves.

The loosing unit then makes a morale check with a negative modifier equal to what they lost the combat by, (the difference in unsaved wounds you lost the combat by. Unit "A" took 3 unsaved wounds while unit "B" took 5. Unit "B" lost by 2 so you subtract 2 to your "I".)

Fail the morale test and the unit will make a fall back move. 2D6 directly towards its own board edge.
Pass the morale test and the units make pile in moves. Move all models up to 6 inches to engage each other again.

Fearless units do not take morale tests so automatically go into a pile in move but also take a number of auto wounds they lost the combat by. If a fearless unit lost the combat by 3, then they take 3 auto wounds that can be saved.

If a fall back move is made the winning unit has a chance to make a sweeping advance. Both players roll a D6 and add "I". If the winning units score is equal to or higher than the loosing sides score they sweep the fleeing unit off the table. Remove the fleeing unit, they are destroyed.
If the fleeing units score is higher they made a clean break and are now making a run for it.
The winning unit then makes a consolidation move. They can move up to D6 in any direction but cannot start another assault so must end the move at least 1 inch away from enemy models.

Page 33 in the BRB breaks down the assault phase into each individual part, (the boxed section on the left of the page, you cannot miss it.) Follow it step by step, (referring to the specific pages for each phase of the assault.) Soon you will find the assault phase is rather straight forward after a few games.
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