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Hey everyone, another update on 40k at the NOVA Open, Mike Brandt has this to say:

"A new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is upon us and if you're following the internet traffic, you've heard either that it's perfect or just awful! More than any release I can remember in the past, this one has people losing their minds about the changes to the game (or lack thereof), or they're taking to the cloud to decry anyone who is quick to propose dramatic changes. There are probably 42 different reasons to pull your hair out or jump ship, but I think there are just as many reasons for watchful waiting. Best advice? DON'T PANIC!"

We are working extremely hard to make this a fun as well as competitive gaming experience for, for more updates check out his blog, http://whiskey40k.blogspot.com/, or check out www.novaopen.com.
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