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5oo pt (4/5e) Empiere Vs Unded

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Got a friend who wants to get his youngest in to Retro Hammer and has asked me to bring together a pair of 500pt lists using 4/5e, he has lots of Empire and quite a bit of undead, so he asked me to start there, I think I have the Empire down going with a Black Powder & Halberds theme, line of Handgunners, line of Halberiders, Troop of Pistoliers a Mounted Hero for the Captain (in place of a General) and a L1 Wizard.

every undead army I come up with tend to have the points run ca way from be wile I'm doing Troops before I consider the Hero to be the leader, only one that looks viable is a Necromancer (Champion) and her Bony Boys going for a skeleton army, every time I go for a mixed army troops eat to many points either on large troops of cheap units or costly shock troops.

any suggestions?
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settled on a Necromancer and Skeletons, got a 5 strong troop of Skeleton Horsemen with Shields, a 20 strong block of Spear & Shield Skeletons and the l2 Necromancer with a Cursed Book and Biting Blade for the Captain
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