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Welcome to the forums, the game and the random madness that is Chaos! :good:

First off! Bad news... Thousand sons right now suck rancid Nurgley rotten eggs being horridly over costed points wise for what they can do which ain't a lot compared to everyone else..
Also your sorc needs the mark of Tzeentch to take 1k sons as troops. Which brings list to 510.

Second off.. Maybe good news! If you have not heard, the new edition of 40k is imminent (2 weeks), and it sounds like psychic powers will be having an even bigger role in 7th having its own turn phase. 1k sons having so many sorcs could now be quite beastly with the new demonology powers.

Its hard to give advice with the new rules being so close but with that in mind here are some guesses pieced from the bits of info and rumours that might help when it hits.

Think about Ahriman if you plan to expand. He sounds like he could be a beast in this edition being the badass pysker he is and would bet money we will seeing a lot more of him in 7th.
Aspiring sorcs will need more protection as can be sure they will be a target for sniping and challenges in the new edition.
The Spell familiar might be a go to option for Sorcs depending how the rules work out.
Stock up on daemons for summoning!

1k sons will still be expensive points wise but they sound like they could be worth it very soon. Finally! lol
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