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Take advantage of the fact that the infantry squads you're buying can get heavy and special weapons! 10 Veterans with just lasguns is a waste of that rare BS4 you get, there, for instance. I'd say try something like this:

Company Command Squad w/ lascannon & 2 grenade launchers -90pts

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad w/ autocannon & grenade launcher -45pts
2 x Infantry Squads w/ autocannon & flamer -130pts
Heavy Weapon Squad w/ 3 missile launchers -90pts

Vet Squad w/ 2 meltas -80pts
- Chimera w/ multilaser & heavy bolter -65pts
I'd get as many autocannons, but they have some protective bodies before I have to start removing those bodies (plus some flamers for close anti-combat shooting). I upgraded the BS 4 missile launcher to a lascannon and got some more grenade launchers in there for nice S5 grenade shooting or more frag small blasts. I dropped the Rough Riders, but kept a mobile melta-unit by giving the Vets that role (with a higher BS) in a Chimera.

You like the look of that?
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