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So this list is to be used at my school club with friends, so it doesn't need to win slayer sword or anything... But they do need to understand who wears the trousers around here :victory:

Sanguinary priest- bolt pistol, power sword, digital weapons
Last upgrade was just burning points tbh, might swap them for some hammer nators?

10man assault terminator squad- x10 Lightning claws

This leaves me 9 points left, bloody bolt pistol :threaten:

I know one friend will be using grey knights, probably 15 purifies or something (which every are the pyromainiacs)
Two will be brining tau probably, one probably firewarriors in numbers
Another space Wolves

Currently we say just ignore FOC, and no vehicles or monstrous creatures as of yet, may change the vehicles to allow AV 13 total... I dunno
What's a good rules set to apply to 500pts to keep it fun and fair?

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I would drop the bolt pistol for 2 hammernators (assuming same points), and the digi-weapons for however many that allows.

If you're going for balanced rules, I'd say
1) no more than 3 wounds (maybe 4 for HQ or something) per model
2) no 2+ saves
3) no better than 4++ invuln
4) No more than 33/34 combined av

but that invalidates termis so maybe you don't want to suggest that :grin:

idk though, rules like this are tough. This seems like a ton of fun to play though, mate. I wish you luck :victory:

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i take the bolt pistol for the +1 attack I get from havong 2 weapons really
I could drop the digi weapons for 2 hammers, which sounds like a pretty good idea actually :) plus with the 9pts left that's another hammer...
So that leaves me 7LCs and 3TH/SS, and 4pts left, which are pretty useless

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Right good point, also stops me endangering my priest
I had a thought though today- sanguinary guard...
I don't own any yet by its with friends so I doubt WYSIWYG will be a big issue.
The 2+ will still suffice against grey knights swords, the extra speed of the packs will help me traverse towards gunlines with less casualties, and not sucrose to much punch...
I would be concerned about the real possiblily of plasma rifles on crisis suits... But are they worth it?
I'll have to write the list with them soon though, no time now

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Tau Plasma is S6, no? Get a Priest in the unit for some FnP (EDIT: as well as +1WS) and you're as well protected as those LC Terminators are.

Sanguinary Guard will likely get you more models on-table, plus the ability to Sweeping Advance should the need arise. I fucking hate when people get away from my Terminators, even if they run of the board the following turn.

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Libby - JP

Priest - JP

10x Sanguinary Guard - 2x PF (350!!!!)

505 points :'(
We are so in synch :D

I then came up with:
Sanguinary priest- jump pack, melta bombs
Melta bombs are in case we do allow AV33 vehicles tops

Librarian- jumppack, Gallians staff
The staffs cos my dice are pretty bad :) and to burn points

10man sanguinary guard squad- x8 swords, x2 axes
Couldn't afford fists, axes help to peel open some more stubborn enemies and leave some stains...

Any good?

The space wolf player likely will be using at least 3 thunder wolves, tricked out TH/SS style... Maybe...
This list certainly has speed on its side over the previous one, if I roll shield of Baal it's almost as Tanky
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