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I'm looking to attend a 500pt Combat Patrol Tournament next month which has the following restrictions…
  • Only one Troop choice is compulsory. Troops 2-6 are optional.
  • You may have one HQ choice, but no more than one.
  • You may select one choice each from Elite, Fast attack and Heavy Support but no more
  • Vehicle Squadrons may not number more than 1 vehicle – No unit may exceed
  • Only 1 detachment (no allies etc)
  • No Lords of Wars, Fortifications or Formations -
  • No model can have more than 2 Wounds
  • No special characters.
  • No 2+ saves
  • & No vehicles with a total Armour value greater than 34.
At first I was thinking of taking a guard patrol force...

85 – Veteran Squad:
3 Grenade Launchers and Autocannon
65 – Chimera: Multi-laser & Heavy Bolter

85 – Veteran Squad: 3 Grenade Launchers and Autocannon
65 – Chimera: Multi-laser & Heavy Bolter

135 – Devildog or 131 – Carapace Armoured Veteran Squad: Sgt with Boltgun, 3 Plasma Guns

65 – Wyvern

But hearing that the games will have no objective markers and will be essentially Kill Point games I'm thinking of going with a Grey Knight Combat force, with everyone being armed with a Strength 6 power weapon thanks to the new +2 Hammerhand and each marine putting out 2-4 shots whilst moving it's a good all rounder with it's only weakness being lack of numbers…

255 – 10 Man Strike Squad:
2 Psycannons, 1 Hammer, Psybolt Ammo and Justicar with Halberd

110 – 5 Man Strike Squad: 1 Psycannon

135 – Dreadnought:
2 TL Autocannons and Psybolt Ammo

So what do you think to my Grey Knight Combat Patrol, is it more effective than the guard list? I'm trying to decide which list to take and what units I need to build?
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