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5000 points of DE

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Here we go, my project to have finished by Xmas.

Characters: 1250

-Malekith = 600 (in Black guard)
-Master w/BSB Hydra banner, Heavy armour and Sea dragon Cloak = 188 (in Black guard)
-Master w/Ring of Darkness, Heavy armour, Sea dragon cloak and Great weapon = 132 (In black guard)
-Supreme Sorceress w/Darkstar Cloak, Pendant of Khaeleth, extra level, Dark Pegasus = 330


40 Dark Elf Warriors w/Full command and Shields = 295
40 Dark Elf Warriors w/Full command and Shields = 295
10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
5 Harpies = 55
5 Harpies = 55
20 Black Ark Corsairs w/Full command and Handbows = 225
20 Black Ark Corsairs w/Full command and Handbows = 225
Assassain w/Manebane, Cry of war and Rune of Khaine = 150 (in Black guard)

Special: 1253

8 Cold one Knights w/Full command, Null Talisman and Standard of the Slaughter = 306
8 Cold one Knights w/Full command = 226
20 Black Guard including Full command, Banner of Hag graef and Kouran - 391
3 Cold one Chariots = 300

Rare: 900

Hydra = 175
Hydra = 175
Hydra = 175
Hydra = 175
2 Repeater Bolt throwers = 200

TOTAL = 5003

Thoughts? is it even a legal army? general help?

Do I have enough magic protection and casting power? I've got 2 lvl 4s, one of whom has +1 power dice/Dispel Dice and the other +1 power dice. And both have the 'Power of Darkness' spell, potentially adding another 8 power dice.

Should I drop

thanks in advance
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How're we feeling about 2 units of BG? I did look at executioners, but for the tiny amount of points it is between a BG and one of them I figured more BG would be better.

What do we think about the Pegasus sorceress? Is she worth it?

I'm happy with the Core and Rare.

I have a vague Idea on what to do with the Characters equipment, but would like to see you both in agreement on what they should carry :)

Thanks alot btw, means much.
I'm inclined do agree with Jackal I dont see a huge point to another level 4, and the Dark Pegasus doesn't do a whole lot for her.

For relatively the same points you can grab 2 Level 2's. 1 with Tome of Furion, and 1 with Darkstar Cloak.

Take Lore of Shadows for the 4, Lore of Metal for the Furion, and Lore of Death for the Level 2.

Thats 9 Spells over 3 Lores and more chances to get those disgusting killy spells that everyone hates.

The Black Guard are fine. Executioneers really need to be run 1 of 2 ways. A Small to Medium Flank unit or a Large block unit. (20+)

As far as Jackal and I agreeing it really depends on your play style. Jackals suggestions for equipment are all optimal. It really comes down to playstyle. When I play Dark Elves I prefer speed, and cannon over natural defense so I'm almost always going to suggest aggressive options lol. Let the numbers and flanking make up for it.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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