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5000 points of DE

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Here we go, my project to have finished by Xmas.

Characters: 1250

-Malekith = 600 (in Black guard)
-Master w/BSB Hydra banner, Heavy armour and Sea dragon Cloak = 188 (in Black guard)
-Master w/Ring of Darkness, Heavy armour, Sea dragon cloak and Great weapon = 132 (In black guard)
-Supreme Sorceress w/Darkstar Cloak, Pendant of Khaeleth, extra level, Dark Pegasus = 330


40 Dark Elf Warriors w/Full command and Shields = 295
40 Dark Elf Warriors w/Full command and Shields = 295
10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
5 Harpies = 55
5 Harpies = 55
20 Black Ark Corsairs w/Full command and Handbows = 225
20 Black Ark Corsairs w/Full command and Handbows = 225
Assassain w/Manebane, Cry of war and Rune of Khaine = 150 (in Black guard)

Special: 1253

8 Cold one Knights w/Full command, Null Talisman and Standard of the Slaughter = 306
8 Cold one Knights w/Full command = 226
20 Black Guard including Full command, Banner of Hag graef and Kouran - 391
3 Cold one Chariots = 300

Rare: 900

Hydra = 175
Hydra = 175
Hydra = 175
Hydra = 175
2 Repeater Bolt throwers = 200

TOTAL = 5003

Thoughts? is it even a legal army? general help?

Do I have enough magic protection and casting power? I've got 2 lvl 4s, one of whom has +1 power dice/Dispel Dice and the other +1 power dice. And both have the 'Power of Darkness' spell, potentially adding another 8 power dice.

Should I drop

thanks in advance
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There's a lot you must change if you plan to kill those pesky High Elves!

Ok, had another go:

Characters: 1215
-Malekith = 600 (In BG)
-Supreme Sorceress w/Darkstar Cloak, Sacrificial Dagger, Pendant of Khaeleth, Null talisman and Extra level = 360 (In a warriors unit)

You cannot have both the Darkstar Cloak and Sacrificial Dagger. Drop the Darkstar Cloak and the Null Talisman for the Seal of Ghrond. Now you generate 2 extra Dispel Dice. You need the Lore of Metal as it is your 5000 point army has no way to deal with regeneration.

-Death Hag w/BSB, Cauldron of Blood and Dance of Doom = 255

There's no reason to take Dance of Doom. You already have a 4+ Ward Save. Instead take a Banner of Swiftness. The 1 inch of extra movement will make alot of difference when positioning the Cauldron.

Core: 1500
-40 Dark Elf Warriors w/Full command and Shields = 295
-40 Dark Elf Warriors w/Full command and Shields = 295
-10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
-10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100
-10 Repeater Crossbowmen = 100

Build 2 squads of 20 with musician and standard. You can shoot in 2 ranks. Why wouldn't you take advantage of this? More wounds means harder to panic. More models means more ranks in melee. Its idea.

-5 Harpies = 55
-5 Harpies = 55
-Assassain w/Manbane, Cry of War and Rune of Khaine = 150 (In BG)

Assassins in melee are pretty shitty in 8th edition. You will kill a few models then die since you have no armor and only 2 wound. Convert this Assassin to a Manbane/Rending Star and toss him in with some Shades. Gives you some solid killy power against other monsters, warmachines so your Hyrdas have less opposition.

-10 Black Ark Corsairs w/Repeater Handbows = 100

Subpar when compared to Repeater Crossbowmen. Drop em for the 10 Repeater Crossbowmen that you need to run 2 squads of 20.

-20 Black Ark Corsairs w/Full command and Warbanner = 250

This is a huge waste of what should be the Sea Serpent Standard. I would also up the model count to 24 and run them 6 wide.

Special: 1401
-10 Cold one Knights w/Full command, Null talisman and Banner of Hag Graef = 360

Only 1 model in the army can carry Null Talismans. I also wouldn't bother with just 1. Try "The other Tricksters Shard, Charm Shield, and Luckstone. You can effectively disregard 2 hits and ignore pesky ward saves that will hold you back.

-10 Cold one Knights w/Full command, Null talisman and the standard of Slaughter = 360

Give this unit the Gleaning Pennant. I run 2-3 groups of 10 Cold One Knights in 3000+ and have found it nearly impossible to play them correctly and keep both in range of the BSB. I would also take the ring of Hotek. Its one of our best magic items and you dont have it.

-3 Cold one Chariots = 300
-20 Black Guard w/Full command, Kouran and Banner of Murder = 381

Very Nice

Rare: 875
-Hydra = 175
-Hydra = 175
-Hydra = 175
-Hydra = 175
-Hydra = 175

This is way over board. You have 3 Chariots and 3 Hydras. You have absolutely crap for warmachine hunting/harassment. I would drop 2 War Hydras for 2 squads of 10 Shades. Shades are way to good to ignore.

Total: 4991

How does it look now?

BG form up against the hardest looking unit in the opponents army, Hopefully with Malekith to hassle enemy shooters and armour piercing up close, with their re-rolls to hit and Blessing from the Cauldron (either to help offense or defense), Assassain to jump out for challenges they will be able to hold their own.
Big unit of Corsairs on one flank.
2 Hydras on either side of the BG.
Cold one Chariots on one flank.
Each Cold one knight unit is supported by a Hydra.
Last Hydra to fill in any gap.

Thoughts now?

PS, I already own and have painted around half of the models, and as I batch paint (to no particular level other than table worthy) Plastic models are easy to get done.
I am however using this army as an excuse to improve my metallic metal painting schemes and practice with an air brush.
Good build. I'd watch out for sniper spells though, as they'll go straight through the Pendant.

Are Power Stones still able to be taken in multiples and while you have another Arcane Item? Regardless, I'd put some protection on her.

No you can only have 1 Arcane item. So no Powerstones can be taken at all if she carries the Dagger. If you drop all 4 Powerstones then you have enough points for Shields on all your Repeaters. I would also ditch Great Weapons and Light Armor on Shades as Jackal suggested. Losing always strike first on charge makes them useless. Use those points for Musicians on your Repeaters. Then they can reform once for free. Wonderful to change position and move 5 inches if you need to shoot flankers. Also good when you know they're about to get charged.

If she's on a pegasus, she's gonna need some protection. Pendant of Khaeleth would be quite good here.


I'd say to get rid of Cry of War. It doesn't do much at all. Otherwise, your core looks good.


With the nerf to the Ring of Hotek, I'd say to change the loadout on your champion. Sword of Might/Battle combined with Ironcurse Icon or Gooluck Stone are good items. Get rid of Great Weapons and Light Armor for Shades, give them additional hand weapons. Second Black-Guard unit has a poor setup. Since they have the points-allowance for magical banners, give the second unit Armor-Piercing from the core rulebook. Consider getting rid of Gem of Nightmares, it doesn't do much.

Definately take the Razor Standard as suggested. Also consider putting the Whip of Agony here.

The Ring is still good, you just need to deliver it! Cold Ones and certain Dark Pegasus builds are idea.

Thoughts in purple. Your list is starting to look a lot better though!
For the Dread Lore take the Sword of Might (You lose an attack but keep Str 5, Armor Piercing wont stack) Armor of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem, Black Dragon Egg, Shield, and Sea Dragon Cloak. Thats 1+ Save, Regen, and 2+ Ward against fire. You can unleash the Egg in close combat for Toughness 6, and 2d6 Str 4 hits. Perfect way to reduce a hordes rank bonus and lean combat res to your favor.

Then Transfer the pendant of Kholeth to your pegasus rider.
How're we feeling about 2 units of BG? I did look at executioners, but for the tiny amount of points it is between a BG and one of them I figured more BG would be better.

What do we think about the Pegasus sorceress? Is she worth it?

I'm happy with the Core and Rare.

I have a vague Idea on what to do with the Characters equipment, but would like to see you both in agreement on what they should carry :)

Thanks alot btw, means much.
I'm inclined do agree with Jackal I dont see a huge point to another level 4, and the Dark Pegasus doesn't do a whole lot for her.

For relatively the same points you can grab 2 Level 2's. 1 with Tome of Furion, and 1 with Darkstar Cloak.

Take Lore of Shadows for the 4, Lore of Metal for the Furion, and Lore of Death for the Level 2.

Thats 9 Spells over 3 Lores and more chances to get those disgusting killy spells that everyone hates.

The Black Guard are fine. Executioneers really need to be run 1 of 2 ways. A Small to Medium Flank unit or a Large block unit. (20+)

As far as Jackal and I agreeing it really depends on your play style. Jackals suggestions for equipment are all optimal. It really comes down to playstyle. When I play Dark Elves I prefer speed, and cannon over natural defense so I'm almost always going to suggest aggressive options lol. Let the numbers and flanking make up for it.
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