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At 500 points it's going to be tricky to fit any DC and enough of everything else you'd need to be scary, but this is true with most armies and even a handful of DC are fairly intimidating (plus it's nice to see people actually use them).

Libby - Shield of Sanguinius/Unleashed Rage or whatever you prefer

Assault Squad (5 man) - Meltagun, Infernus pistol, Razorback w/ TL Heavy Flamer and HK Missile

Death company (5 man) - Power Weapon, Infernus Pistol, Razorback w/ TL Heavy Flamer and HK Missile

Fast Attack
Attack Bike - Multi Melta

Thats 500 points and it gives you 2 decently survivable troop choices (with a 5+ cover save from shooting from the libby), and a fast anti tank threat that's also decently survivable. I

would start everything on the board and hop scotch the razorbacks towards the enemy. The bike can turbo boost for the cover save and hopefully draw some fire in turn 1 so you're Razorbacks can move up uncontested. Razorbacks can move 12" and fire their missiles at something or move 18" and pop smoke. Second turn you're bike is a big threat to any enemy armor, and you're Razorbacks should be closer to the enemy.

It's hard to manage a decent 500 point list so just about anything you make will at least be playable (provided you follow FoC or have agreed to not play by it). hope this helped a little and have some fun with the low point games!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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