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So this is my first attempt at an Imperial Guard List.
Any advice would be helpful, I cannot change units but I can change loadouts as I have purchased but not assembled these guys yet.


Company Command Squad - 60


Platoon Command Squad - 30

Infantry Squad (Autocannon) - 60

Infantry Squad - 50

Veteran Squad (2x Plasma, Chimera) - 155

Heavy Support

Vanquisher tank (Lascannon) - 145

I am starting to work on my 750 point list as well and I was considering dropping the autocannon out of the infantry squad and making a heavy weapons squad with 3 autocannons. I will also be including vox, medic and standard bearers in my lists 750 and above for fluff reasons. I'm not too concerned about winning all the time but some advice on my 750 point list would be great too.

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Hey mate, new to the game as well or just the guard?

My thoughts:
A ccs is solid, with it bare bones like yours it will be focussed on giving orders. consider giving them the autocannon though, since they are BS4 and will hit more reliably.

Infantry platoon
The very light pl you have there is good, but it will fold to anything if you try and use each element independently. They are weak when separate, but keep them concentrated and close to your commans squads for orders and they will perform much better. make sure you read up on orders tactics too! all in all a solid choice for defending your nearest objective.

Veteran squad
These guys are your rockstars. they will wreck marines up to 12" with the plasma and chimera shots, but ideally you'll be either racing them to hold mid to distant objectives or mop up the remainders after your tank shoots. Without grenadiers, stay mounted or make sure you use the tank for cover.

Vanquisher battle tank
This is not an option i would take at 500 points. Bs3 means a 50/50 chance to hit one model (twice including the lascannon) and although you will have no difficulty penetrating armour, you have nothing to offer versus infantry blobs, squads or monsterous creatures that the equivalent points in HWT can't do better. I suggest swapping this for a Leman Russ Battle Tank with Heavy Bolter for general support vs infantry and vehicles, or a demolisher to frighten everyone silly and draw fire. if it lives, and it should at av14, It will dish out major pain once it gets to 24".

Interested to hear your thoughts.
I am not really new to the game but I haven't really played since 4th edition.

Yeah I didn't even think of putting the autocannon in the CCS but I will do that.

Swapping to the Leman Russ battle tank means I'll have to drop 5 points from somewhere else and Demolisher will require 25 points. Any suggestions on that?

Would multi laser and heavy bolter be ideal for the chimera? I think it would because of the range of the plasma guns should keep me far enough away that I would rarely get a chance to use a heavy flamer.

The Platoon is for capturing objectives close to my side while the Vets try to take medium range ones and the Tank hopefully keeps the enemy distracted.

I recently found a Demolisher cannon in the bits that came along with the guard army I bought not long ago and since slapping it on the front of a Leman Russ it's my go-to tank. At this points level it would be beastly to include, and will still blow tanks up thanks to that AP2. I also prefer Melta Guns over Plasma Guns in my Veteran squads solely because of Get's Hot! and 5+ armour saves. Meltas get other people hot, and can Instant Death up to T4 (which is a ton of Infantry, including a lot of HQs if they're out front after getting mauled by a Demolisher shot) and are better against tanks. Con is you have to get within 12" and they have a lower rate of fire than the Plasma Gun, both of which I am OK dealing with if they're riding in a Chimera.
I was originally going to go melta guns but decided on plasma because they have better range and look so much cooler.

I'm not an extremely competitive person, I just aim to have fun so that is why I picked plasma even though melta is probably the better option.

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If I drop 1 plasma gun and the autocannon that will buy me the demolisher or both plasma guns will get me the demolisher plus a flamer or the Leman Russ plus another auto cannon or swap the autocannon for a morter and get the Russ.. Too many decisions!

I don't know if it will be worth taking a better tank at the expense of my Vet squad in the long run but as I said I've not played much 40K.

If I went for melta guns in the vet squad I would probably go with the flamer since I would be in range a fair bit.
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