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So my local store is running a 500 point tournament, and seeing as I have never really tried my luck in a competitive setting, I thought I'd give it a go.

So we play 3 games over the course of the day, using the eternal war missions: Purge the Alien, The Relic, and The Emperor's Will. Restrictions of the army are: 500pts, no lords of war, no forgeworld, no allies, no escalation, no stronghold assault, no fortifications, and all models have to be WYSIWYG.

I play CSM and Daemons, so I was thinking of bringing a crimson slaughter detachment with some psychic potential so I can do some summoning.

Here is my first idea for a list:

Crimson Slaughter Detachment

Formation: Disciples of Mannon

Sorcerer - 145
  • Spell Familiar
  • Additional Mastery Level
  • Prophet of the Voices
  • Mark of Tzeentch

Possessed - 130

Formation: Cult of Slaughter

Dark Apostle - 105

Chaos Cultists - 55
  • Flamer

Chaos Cultists - 65
  • Autoguns
  • Heavy Stubber
  • Shotgun

Total: 500

So I'm thinking of running the sorcerer with the possessed, running full malefic daemonology (with tzeentch primaris as a backup), the tzeentch mark gives me a 4+ invul that can be upgraded to 2+ depending on the mutation.

The cultists and apostle are for objectives, with D6 (leadership 10) cultists coming back each turn for both units.

Not sure if it is better to get rid of spell familiar for mark of tzeentch on the apostle. Any comments/criticism are appreciated. If you guys have any thoughts on better units/formations to put in 500 points please let me know, I'm happy to play around with things.

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I lost every single one of my games, but I did roll pretty poorly on all of my psychic powers, as well as going up against an extremely lucky genestealer cult player. The next tournament coming up is 750 points, so I am hoping to try out the new word bearers grand host detachment.
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