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This is my list in progress, trying to come up with a functional group from models on hand.
Not sitting next to my Codex, so points are likely off, but at last check I came out to 497pts

Lord Commisar with Emperor's benediction [65pts]
(modeled with power sword and bolt pistol, painted to be M. Bison, sits in the combined platoon squads)

Troop 1:
Veteran Squad with 3x Plasma Guns and shotguns [106, if memory serves]
Sergeant has a Bolter
(have models on hand to swap with 3x melta)
+Dedicated Chimera with hull bolter, Camo netting, and heavy stubber [85, again,if memory serves]

Troop 2:
Infantry Platoon:

Platoon Command squad: [39pts]
platoon commander has a bolt pistol (and a space wolf terminator axe), squad has 4x sniper rifles

Squad 1: [56pts]
Sargeant has a bolter, 1x Flamer

Squad 2: [56pts]
Same as squad 1

Heavy weapons Team: [90pts]
3x missile launchers

Other models on hand include a Leman Russ, with magnetized hull gun and cannon barrel extension, an autocannon sentinel, a second chimera, and 2 or 3 extra shotguns for a future second veteran squad.

looking for thoughts, and model suggestions for future growth.
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