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500 point campaign army-any ideas?

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I like to believe that I am well tuned to the Eldar machine and how it works but I wondered whether this list below is much cop for dealing with other opponents.

The campaign is special and runs over 3 weeks. The rules are that the 500 point army must have 2 troops, NO HQ and either one fast attack, one elites or one heavy support choice. A squad leader is also advised since the rules allow them to grow more powerful after each game with either stat increases or special abilities. Also no vehicles except dedicated transports or walkers may be taken.

List is as such

Dire avengers-10 present including an exarch (who is in overall command) armed with a power weapon and a shimmershield with the bladestorm power-162 points

In a dedicated transport Wave Serpent armed with a twin linked bright lance, a shuriken cannon and spirit stones-155 points

7 pathfinders-168 points

total is 485 points

General tactics is that the dire avengers kill infantry (of the most basic kind), the pathfinders kill more heavily armoured stuff like terminators and the wave serpent can kill tanks and walkers that may pop up.

Comments would be most welcome.
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I also think that there is a lot of points in the wave serpent, i also run a 500 combat patrol list which has slightly different rules to yourself but similar in some respects. Outflanking war walkers with scatter lasers can make a real mess of almost any vehicle as with outflank you stand a reasonable chance of hitting the rear armour. However 3, all with scatter lasers comes to 180pts.

If you drop the BL down to a ML, then drop the pathfinders it would be possible to crowbar those in. However if you don't fancy the glass hammers of the walkers, a wraithlord would work a treat (usually I wouldn't advise it as unfair but a libby dread is just as bad lol).

If you don't fancy running any of the walkers which I sense may be the case *yoda sense is tingling*, then try a small switch of giving the exarch the doublecats as a wep, as this will maximize bladestorm potential. Possibly try free some points up by cutting 2 rangers, maybe some upgrades and get a small naked 5 man dragon squad, this would give that libby dread and any other vehicle something to think about, leaving your bladestorming avengers to hose some infantry. However it may leave your units a touch small.

Either way, let us know how you get on and all the best fellow pointy ear :)

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I would also say Doom is a very good choice followed by either fortune or guide. Let us know how it goes :)
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