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500 point campaign army-any ideas?

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I like to believe that I am well tuned to the Eldar machine and how it works but I wondered whether this list below is much cop for dealing with other opponents.

The campaign is special and runs over 3 weeks. The rules are that the 500 point army must have 2 troops, NO HQ and either one fast attack, one elites or one heavy support choice. A squad leader is also advised since the rules allow them to grow more powerful after each game with either stat increases or special abilities. Also no vehicles except dedicated transports or walkers may be taken.

List is as such

Dire avengers-10 present including an exarch (who is in overall command) armed with a power weapon and a shimmershield with the bladestorm power-162 points

In a dedicated transport Wave Serpent armed with a twin linked bright lance, a shuriken cannon and spirit stones-155 points

7 pathfinders-168 points

total is 485 points

General tactics is that the dire avengers kill infantry (of the most basic kind), the pathfinders kill more heavily armoured stuff like terminators and the wave serpent can kill tanks and walkers that may pop up.

Comments would be most welcome.
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Thats alot of points gone into your WS, in such a small game i dont think you will need the BL. Change these for TLSL, you get more shots and they are re-rollable =win against most transports. Next lose the rangers and get some more DA with exarch and Blade storm. The sheer volume of fire power you will put out should be enough to hold up anything the enemy throws at you.

Based on the campainge rules here is what I would take:

10x DA w/Exarch, dual shuriken catapult, Blade storm -152
WS w/TLSC, Spirit stones -110
10x Guardians w/SL heavy platform -95
3x War walkers w/x2 SL -135

Total -492

The Guardians will be the objective holders while the DA advance and take out the enemy transports, the War walkers will be able to swing around and hit the enemy in the flank. If you dont want to use the WW you could drop them and get a Wraith lord with x2 EML which would come in at 140pts. This will give you another TL weapon to throw at the enemy, also giving you a choice of shot. Krak to pop transports followed by Plasma to kill the juicyness inside.

Hope that was of some help to you good luck in the coming campaigne.
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TBH you will not need a BL in a 500pt game, the enemy will not put anything with a high enough armour fon the field for you to need one. This new list i have devised, is going to require you to use as much cover as possable. Also take advantage of the speed your units are capable of.

The list as follows:

x9 DA w/exarch, shimmer shield, power weapon, blade storm -150
x1 Wave Serpent w/TLSL -115
x5 Jetbikers w/SC -120
x1 Wraith lord w/EM -115

Total = 500 spot on

This list is a bit more punch than the previous one i posted and the WL should rip through any armour your opponants can bring. I've also swappped out the rangers for some Jetbikers as this will give you a more manuverable force. The EM on the Wraith lord is more than capable of taking out a libby dread or any other heavy armour you may come up against.
Replace the jetbikes with x5 Pathfinder, this is 120pts exactly. Stick them in cover and bobs your uncle. You've now got a unmovable unit which can pin enemy troops in the process, just watch out for flamers and other template weapons.
I would say using Guide would be the best as it will make for the lack of firepower on the Exarch, also when used in conjunction with Bladestorm, the unit will be crack shots and hit everytime. More shots hit = more armour saves for the opponant to fail.
If the unit is going to be transported in the Wave serpent, then what is the point of having Veil of tears, it will only help the Dire avengers not the vehical they are in. Doom or Uide are your best bet, but if in the future you decide to change things due to the campaing then take Veil of tears. I just think the way the list is a the moment the other powers would be more beneficial.
Ok i look forward to reading about it, dunno if it will still be on the 1st page tho, prob not, just post it on a new thread or dig this one up.

Happy gaming
YAY! excellent. Glad we were all of some help congrates on the win. Unlucky you got +1 BS but it might come in use in the furture.

Just one question: How the hell did 5 pathfinders take out the TH/SS Termies? Sounds like they were pure awsomeness.
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