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500 point campaign army-any ideas?

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I like to believe that I am well tuned to the Eldar machine and how it works but I wondered whether this list below is much cop for dealing with other opponents.

The campaign is special and runs over 3 weeks. The rules are that the 500 point army must have 2 troops, NO HQ and either one fast attack, one elites or one heavy support choice. A squad leader is also advised since the rules allow them to grow more powerful after each game with either stat increases or special abilities. Also no vehicles except dedicated transports or walkers may be taken.

List is as such

Dire avengers-10 present including an exarch (who is in overall command) armed with a power weapon and a shimmershield with the bladestorm power-162 points

In a dedicated transport Wave Serpent armed with a twin linked bright lance, a shuriken cannon and spirit stones-155 points

7 pathfinders-168 points

total is 485 points

General tactics is that the dire avengers kill infantry (of the most basic kind), the pathfinders kill more heavily armoured stuff like terminators and the wave serpent can kill tanks and walkers that may pop up.

Comments would be most welcome.
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I like some of the ideas presented but with SL I am not sure I will stand up well against some competition. For example I know a BA player who on previous occasions has used a librarian dread in his games. If that came up then I would be hosed. Another player has already been testing his thousand sons based force and uses an obliterator as his heavy support and lower AP seems more necessary than rate of fire. The Bright lance might seem excessive but it does mean the chance for victory of blowing up enemy vehicle first would be increased.

I am not a fan of guardians since they die faar too quickly for my liking although a wraithlord instead of a wave serpent could be a good investment since he is legal and can scare off any armour. Although I prefer the wraithblade and bright lance combo for him since it keeps his combat effectiveness up whilst giving him a little shooting power.
No offence but I think that fire dragons at 500 points is an overkill. I like the idea of the wraithlord but to fit it in I would sacrifice the mobility of the serpent. I suppose that if the avengers were kept in cover (there is bound to be some) then they should be safe.

I chose the power weapon and shimmershield option because one thing I may not have mentioned is that one seargant can receive upgrades provided that I win after each game. In the improvements table there are more skills and stat increases that benefit those with hand to hand ability.
I could actually use this list as it looks really good. However I do not use jetbikes so they would not be suitable. The only guardian related things I use is falcons and wave serpents. I do not even use fire prisms since I normally use all 3 heavy slots (falcon for fire dragon transport, wraithlord to scare people and dark reapers with the I rape marines weapon (tempest launcher with crack shot))

The main argument is thus Could I use another unit instead of jetbikes as I simply never use them?
Will do.

In recent developments I went to the store yesterday and found out that each person got a free advancement roll in advance to the start on Saturday. I rolled an ability that allows my exarch to have a free psychic power. The question is I do not know which one. My first idea was for the veil of tears power that shadowseers have but then I realised that in later games (when the points we are allowed to field increases) they will probably ride in a serpent. So what power should I have?
To clarify it just states any power from their respective codex. This sucks for daemon players but rocks for me.

I could see the usefulness of doom since it affects shooting and assault.

The idea behind veil of tears is that it stops the unit from being shot to pieces from long range.
Yeah I have decided on doom so I will report how the army fares on Saturday assuming that this thread is still on the first page.
Woohoo! The list works much better than expected.

I played a space marine player who thought he was clever by having his termies with TH/SS option.

A few shots from the pathfinders killed them off whilst the avengers, wraithlord and serpent went after the infantry!

However after the match the only new advancements I made (I got 2 since I won and also the character survived) gave me an extra wound (YAY!) and +1 BS (Which is pointless since I have no gun-Ah well not everything goes my way it seems)
Well. In honesty I was far too lucky for first turn shooting at them when 2 died to AP1 shots and then they failed their pinning check!

Second turn I killed none with them but the wraithlord happened to just be in assault range so he killed the rest over 2 turns.
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