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500 point campaign army-any ideas?

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I like to believe that I am well tuned to the Eldar machine and how it works but I wondered whether this list below is much cop for dealing with other opponents.

The campaign is special and runs over 3 weeks. The rules are that the 500 point army must have 2 troops, NO HQ and either one fast attack, one elites or one heavy support choice. A squad leader is also advised since the rules allow them to grow more powerful after each game with either stat increases or special abilities. Also no vehicles except dedicated transports or walkers may be taken.

List is as such

Dire avengers-10 present including an exarch (who is in overall command) armed with a power weapon and a shimmershield with the bladestorm power-162 points

In a dedicated transport Wave Serpent armed with a twin linked bright lance, a shuriken cannon and spirit stones-155 points

7 pathfinders-168 points

total is 485 points

General tactics is that the dire avengers kill infantry (of the most basic kind), the pathfinders kill more heavily armoured stuff like terminators and the wave serpent can kill tanks and walkers that may pop up.

Comments would be most welcome.
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Oh man. When you say, 'a psychic power', do you mean ANY Eldar psychic power?
If you only mean the 'minor' ones, then veil of tears is great* now and decent at all levels.
*possibly game-breaking.
Other good choices might be Conceal or possibly Embolden (so any Farseer who ends up attached to the DA can reroll his psychic tests).

If you do mean any psychic power, Doom. It works amazingly with your squad because your Exarch setup doesn't involve your Exarch shooting at all, so you don't lose anything by using it. As a result, you gain hugely in wounds caused and your squad might actually do okay in assault.
Fortune or Mind War are other good choices, of course; I'd lean towards Veil of Tears over Fortune.

But yeah. No matter what you get, it's great. I'd go Doom if Farseer powers are allowed, or maybe Mind War. If they aren't allowed, Veil of Tears will be amazing all the way. If you're only allowed Warlock powers, Conceal may be too situational. Embolden as mentioned above, or Destructor. Destructor would be better in this squad than many others because you've got that cc build, and so presumably will be close enough to squads to flame them.
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I would say using Guide would be the best as it will make for the lack of firepower on the Exarch, also when used in conjunction with Bladestorm, the unit will be crack shots and hit everytime. More shots hit = more armour saves for the opponant to fail.
Doom's better, though. Guide takes a 2/3 to hit and makes it an 8/9. Your deadliness has gone up by 1/3.
Against T3 enemies, Doom is exactly as good as Guide; against T4 or higher, Doom is moderately and then considerably better (deadliness increases by a half vs T4, by two-thirds vs T5, and by around 80% vs T6 or T7) . Furthermore, this is all assuming you've only got one squad. Once you have 2+ squads of Avengers, Doom blows Guide out of the water. Basically, don't make your strong point better, make your weak point better. And of course all this is in the effort to just pile up the saves on whatever you're shooting.

The logic behind taking veil of tears is this: once you have enough Dire Avengers in serpents, you can sometimes or even often obliterate every unit in an 18" radius from where you drop them off (supposing you choose the dropoff point intelligently enough). If you do this normally, you're at risk of your avengers suffering from AP4 templates or firepower at much longer range. If you do this and one squad has Veil of Tears, you can start to pull tricks with positioning. Situational, possibly amazing, possibly useless.

Bottom line: I love Stephen's choice of Doom, it's solid everywhere.
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