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Hi guys, never played anything under 1500 points before so this will be new for me.

Me and some friends are doing an escalation campaign tommorow and I'll be going up against a Death Gaurd army for it. We're playing just the first two games in the Campaign tommorow so they'll be at 500 and then 750 points. Below are the lists I intend to use, any feedback would be hugely appreciated on changes or tactics using them.

500 Points

- Captain w/Termie Armour, Power Sword & Storm Bolter
- Preadator, Heavy Bolters & Auto Cannon
- 10 Man Tac Squad, Missile Launcher & Flamer
- Dreadnaught, MM, CC Weapon

= 500 points exactly

*I wanted an all rounder here as I'm not sure if he'll play his Termies & Lord or his Daemon Prince at 500 points so I want to remain flexible whilst still having some 48" goodness to help against Oblits or to keep his Plague Marines are arms length

750 Points

- Captain, Bolter, Chainsword & Hellfire Rounds
- 5 man Tac Squad
- Landraider
- Assault Termies

= 750 Points exactly

*Fairly confident his termies or DP will come out for sure in this list so I wanted to be able to quickly get to an objective and hold it or use the Termies to deal with any MCs or his Termies whilst the Tac Squad and Captain will take the objective

What Can I Change?

I have available to switch in to these lists:

- 5 Sterngaurd
- More Tac Squads
- Land Speeder Storm
- Scouts
- Whirlwind
- Drop Pod
- Assault Marines
- Chaplain w/Jump Pack
- Another Dread with all weapons arms available to switch on/off of it

I've never been able to defeat my friends Death Guard before it should also be noted, so he's fairly confident he'll yet again crush me into oblivion. I'm not sure what the 2nd mission in the Campaign will be but I know for certain the first is to take and hold a single artifact (objective).

Thanks again guys for any help offered! I'm still a very new player (this will be my 4th and 5th game) so I'm still figuring out what works

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If your opponent is going to use huge point sinks in it's HQ I wouldn't do the same, take advantage and use a cheap librarian. It has the potential to decimate with a str 10 ap 1 blast weapon.
Get some Razorbacks for transports.
What you will want to do is get tons of guns, for less. So do some math and thinking, you don't have enough Dakka.

Definitely don't do termies and land raiders till you hit 1500 games.

Since you don't have troop transports, I say use both dreads and the predator, and add stern guard in a drop pod, they are just awesome.

Remember HQs are better as support units than kill units.
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