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I have been doing alot of painting and assembling for my new Space Marines, and have convinced a couple of buds of mine to buy into Warhammer too (1 ork, and 1 chaos marines).

Anyways I have been going through the books and making my lists out for our first couple of 500pt games and found that I can't find the page(s) for the Space Marines special rules such as "And They Shall Know No Fear".

On page 128 of the codex it says to check out page 47 in the rulebook. However when I open the Hardback 5ed. rulebook its about Characters and nothing about Space Marines Special Rules.

I searched for the rules in the hardback and can't seem to find them. Am I missing something? Do I need to buy the blackreach rulebook too? If anyone has page numbers in the Codex or core rulebook I would be very greatfull.
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