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I have 5 massive armies up for sale at great prices pictures are avalible upon request.

Eldar Army: $600 or best offer
All Assembled/Some Painted good Condition
x1 New Eldar Codex
X4 Jet Bikes
X9 War Walkers
X3 Wraith Lords
X16 Guardians
X2 Heavy Weapons Platforms
X17 Wraith Guard
X1 Wave Serpent
X5 Dark Reapers
X1 Eldrad
X10 Banshees
X12 New Harlies
X10 Swooping Hawks
X4 Warlocks
X1 Avatar
X1 Bone Singer

Tau: $450 or best offer
2 Broadsides w/shield drones. Converted to have arm-mounted rail guns.
5 Stealth suits+2 gun drones. Converted from Fire Caste Warriors.
11 Gun Drones
2 Ethereals (one Aun'shi, one other, neither is painted)
48 Tau Fire Caste Warriors (half are painted, the other half are either non painted or painted in a different color)
6 Pathfinders (no rail guns)
16 Kroot (painted in different color scheme)
2 Devilfish
3 Crisis Suits (misslepod/plasma rifle)
3 Crisis Suits (plasma rifle/fusion blaster)
2 Hammerheads (railguns/smart missle system. One painted, one not)
1 Commander Farsight.

Bretonnians: $750 or Best offer
This Army is in the process of being propainted by professtionals so its a true steal

120+ Archers
30 Knights of the Realm
12 Grail Knights
2 Damsel on foot
1 Damsels on horse
Lady of the Fay
1 Palidan on Pegasus
1 Lord of hippogriff
50+ other knights
Brettonia Army Book

IG: $150 or best offer
50 troops
w/ 4 grenade launchers
w/ 8 Vox casters
w/ 2 Flamers
1 5 man Comand Squad
3 lascannon Heavy teams
2 Missle Heavy Teams
1 Leman Russ

Chaos Thousand sons: $450 or best offer
A beutifully propainted army with incredible conversions

9 Chaos "Rubic" Terminators
27 Thousand sons marins
w/ 3 Aspiting Sorcerers
1 Dreadnaught....You just have to see it to believe
1 Predator.....Again tragic for me to let it go.
1 Chaos Spawn
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