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Our Ultimate Commander events are our premiere Tournaments and Ultimate Commander Doubles II promises to be our best one yet. Ultimate Commander is different to most Tournaments you may have played in that our boards are fantastically presented and play a major part in the game. You and your army will be tested to the limits, you will not just be able to stand back and shoot, our tournaments do not just suit gun line armies like many other tournaments. Ultimate Commander is designed to test all your skills, you will have to think on your feet.

Click Link below for full details.

http://www.4tk.co.uk/ultimate commander doubles.html

Set – up;
· A weekend of violent gaming with a gaming partner.
· Using mixed forces to the best of their abilities.
· Saturday is a seeding round, with all of the gamers progressing to the Sunday.
· Knockout on the Sunday.

Things I need;
· A friend, a good friend, someone who you can spend an entire weekend with and play
games with, without killing one another.
· A built and painted objective.
· Fully painted and based 750 point army each, chosen as per rules below.
· Models must be wysiwyg.
· No forge world rules allowed, however you can use forge world models as proxy models in
your army.
· Two copies of your army list, one for your games and one for checking.

Tournament Date: 28th & 29th of August 2010 (Bank Holiday Weekend)
Number of days: 2
Entry: £30 per team
Number of places: 24 Teams
Tickets Available: July
Launch Pack Available: July

1st Prize: UC Doubles Trophy and Certificate
2nd Prize: Medal and Certificate
3rd Prize: Medal and Certificte

Registration: 9am at the 4Tk Gaming Store

To secure your places on any of the 4TK Gaming events you can pay on-line via a pay-pal account or pick up forms in store, Just enter the below email address for 4TK Pay-pal account, Pay the amount required depending on the amount of people entering along with the entrants Name.

Email/Pay-pal user: [email protected]

Ref:Clash of Generals & then the names of the people entering etc. along with a contact email address

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