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So this is a totally twisted version of what the Imperium would be like 5000 years from its time. This is totally made up, I could go greatly into more detail with each thing because this is a more general over view. Other than that, enjoy the show.

Warhammer 45k

It is set five thousand years after the present setting. Many things have changed in our precious Milky Way galaxy, some expected, but most completely un-expected.

The Imperium of Mankind

The Imperium of Mankind has changed dramatically, since M41. Since the discovery of the failed mechanics in the Golden Throne that support the life of the Emperor in M41, the glorious leader of mankind, has been slowly dwindling away into oblivion. Then the inevitable happened on M42; the Emperor was no more. During this time after his final life signs passed, the Imperial Palace was whipped into a frenzy of fear to secure the throne room from the predicted collapse of the webway which it sat upon, which upon theory would unleash forces of chaos in the throne and eventually on the streets of Terra. Every Custodian, soldier and guardsmen surrounded the dormant portal, waiting for the hopeless onslaught of the demonic invasion. But yet... nothing happened. The guards waited out their position for three days before someone brave enough dare to step forward to see the webway up close. It was a techpriest, whose name was forgotten by the records, that discovered the reason for this miraculous mechanical survival of the anctient portal. The webway portal stayed closed by the searing energies of a object with a nearby origin. The priest discovered that the ancient core inside of the throne was the real reason why the webway did not open for chaos and remained shut. It was diagnosed that the embodiment of the Emperor passively fueled the core insomuch that the device could run on its own. After discovering this, the Imperium invested its complete devoution and time into maintaining this core, creating a project so grand and expensive, that the only other project to compare would be that of the creations of the Primarchs.

But this amazing save had a terrible cost. With the Emperor gone, so did too the Atronomican, and without the Astronomica, navigating through the warp was almost nigh impossible. As so, this made faster than light travel incredibly dangerous. Systems had no way of reaching each other without warp travel, causing the Imperium to be fragmented for over 130 years. These 130 years were called "The Era of Anarchy", and it cost the imperium trillions of lives and massive amounts of territory from foreign powers. This looked like the inevitable doom to mankind, but another miracle has saved the helpless population and overburden military after the "Era of Anarchy". Delphran Gruss, almost consumed with insanity for spending much of his life finding fabled STCs, had finally discovered a STC that would revolutionize warp travel forever. He has discovered the STC that has the blueprints, navigation points, resources and records that would enable warp travel without the Astronomican. This he theorized could only be something from the Golden Age of Technology. Yet, he had little idea on how much it would save the Imperium.

But even with this discovery, mankind has suffered casualties that have reached in the trillions. The Imperium is only half the size that it used to be. But, because of the valiant effort of the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard, some positions in the galaxy have held out on their own. In the Ultima Segmentum, the Ultramarines plus the combined might of the Imerpial guard have carved out a small empire of their own, giving their allegience to the Imperium. The surrounding systems and clusters around the Blood Angels have forged a empire of their own, allying themselves to mankind. Mass exoduses of Imperial Guardsmen, Space Marines, and civilians went undergo to help mankind to relocate in order to help strengthen the most stable areas. It was a heavy cost and took 200 years to complete, but the plan was mostly successful. Mankind, though battered, leaderless, and broken, are still fighting and surviving. They may not hold the biggest grip on the galaxy, but they are still a major force. The Ecclesiarchy has since then preached the day that the Emperor will return to save mankind...

The Orks

Since the relocation of the Imperium, the ork population had exploded in major parts of the galaxy. Ork Waaagh! used to be a rare, but now they plague the galaxy. During M42 to M45, the orks have been fighting primarily with the Imperium, Tau and Tyranids. Their armies have become bigger and more prepared with each WAAAGH!!! and each assault has taken a toll on the Tau and Imperium. But four things have kept the Orks from becoming the biggest threat in the galaxy. One, the arrival of the entire Tyranid fleet. The Tyranids have launched their invasion in a three pronged attack; one from the north, south and west. The fleet has been stalled by the Orks in the west, constantly fighting some of the toughest Ork Empires there, sublimely saving the Imperium, Eldar and Tau. Two, the constant infighting. With such a large population and limiting amount of enemies, they have started to war against each other internally, causing a small stagnation in their population. Three, the Necrons. The tomb worlds of the south have finally awoken to start their cleansing. Yet for them, they deal with the threat of the orks in their region has caused their harvest from a walk in the park to a slow crawl. Finally, the fourth reason is the chaos empires in the north. The Orks and stronger than ever, but they now fight enemies and armies to challenge that statement.

The Eldar

The Eldar are now a fragmented people. With numbers even lower than the past conflicts of M41, they have become even more dire and desperate to survive. Many of the fable craft worlds have been demolished and destroyed, while others have relocated themselves to the halo systems, finding them as temporary havens. Even so much as went to the aid of humans and tau to help conserve their people, but even that barely helped them. They are on the verge of extinction and every Eldar soul has become even more valuable than the last. Full blow conquests are more carefully planned, usually ending up in important skirmishes to help destabilized the planet, which helps them with decisive victories. Their armies are growing larger in the departments of wraith lords and wraith guards, but even that won't help save the inevitable. They are dying and will do anything to save their people.

The Tau

The Tau has seen a very healthy expansion within the last few thousand years, quadrupling the size of their empire since M41. However their expansion has not been an easy one. On set by the Imperium, Orks and Eldar, they are at a constant state of war to help defend their out lying planet systems and territories, recreating the state that the Imperium was once in. They are throwing resources carelessly into the military to help retain their size, but the civilian population knows better. Several revolutions have occurred within the time frame because of such lack of resources devoted to the civilian population. The outcome of revolution has produced a completely revised caste system. But they all end in a frivolous cycle: revolt, re-build, stabilize, tyranny, revolt. But even with their high technology and weaponry, they are far from safe from the orks and tyranids. They are now a major role in the galaxy but it has cost them dearly.

The Tyranids

The Tyranid fleet arrived in M42. They have arrived in numbers one hundred fold since hive fleet behemoth. There timing, however, was far from perfect. They began devouring the western borders of the Milky Way, causing much havok and damage to the orks in that area. This initially spelled doom for almost everyone else, but one mistake has saved the galaxy. The hive mind decided to move his fleet in a three prong attack; one comming from the north, the south and the west. The mistake was that their forces are now split apart, making their neigh invincible force into something more manageable for the other races. The fleet that has moved to the south began dealing with the necron reawakening. Rather than moving out of their direction, the fleets down there were forced to deal with the necrons assaults. The northern fleets faced the chaos empires, which in return began dealing a resistance of that of equal force. Finally, the western fleets began dealing with several ork empires, which proved difficult insomuch that it is now considered a stalemate. But even with these diversions, the galaxy holds its breath against the mighty devourer.

The Necrons

The resurrection of one of the most terrifying armies that ever graced the galaxy are back from their deathless slumber. The Necrons made their presence in full force during M42 on the hive world Alecia. There, a full conquering force assaulted the world and destroyed all life on the planet in about two days. This has brought the attention of the Imperium immediately. Several chapters were launched in counter attack, only to defeat the deathless foe by a hair. Soon entire reports came up describing the rising necron forces in the south, detailing the havoc and destruction they wreaked on the population. The necrons continued their genocide until they met at the crossroads with the south fleet of the Tyranids. A decision came in mind: let alone the tyranids and let them devour all life, or destroy them so they could reap life for their gods? They chose the latter and have since, along with the orks, engaged warfare with the tyranids in the south.

The Forces of Chaos

The forces of chaos have taken a dramatic turn after the "Great Schism". During the 14th Black Crusade M41, Abbadon finally conquered Cadia. It was there that he made his plans to move onto Terra... but a problem came up: his death. His most trusted servant, chaos lord Gargerensis, turned on him after Abbadon claimed that he did nothing during the assault on Cadia. Gargernesis slew Abbadon in a fit of rage with his blade and took the title of Warmaster. How he achieved in killing Abaddon is still controversial but it was clear that Abbadon lost the favor of the gods that day. There was a uproar from the traitor primarchs about Gargernesis taking the title of Warmaster. Some sided with him, others did not. The ones that did not, abandoned the crusade and headed back to their strongholds to continue the Great Game. The others that stayed, were executed in example of Gargerensis's authority. The legions that stayed immediately revolted (Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, and Alpha Legion) against Gargerensis and the Black Legion. However, Gargerensis convinced all of them to join the Black Legion after proving himself to be the true master unlike their primarchs. Leaderless, they agreed and the Black Legion was renamed The Disciples of Chaos. The Disciples moved back into the Obsucra Segmentum to secure an empire of their own, planing a massive invasion into the sol system. Gargerensis for the first time created an empire of chaos, a sick and twisted parody of the Imperium. The World Eaters, the Emperor's Children, Death Guard and the Thousand Sons, mimicked the Disciples and started to expand their territories under their god's name, in fear of being subjected by Gargerensis. Around M44, it was confirmed that there were six great empires of chaos. The Disciples of Chaos, the World Eaters, the Emperor's Children, Death Guard, and the Thousand Sons.

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I love these ideas! seriously you should consider writing some more background for this! :victory:

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these are awesome

however your missing DE :)

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Hmmm.... I Agree With Zep I would love to see some short stories based on these come to the playing feild.

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Hey its been a while since I worked on this, been without internet for the past two weeks with the exception of yesterday. Anyhow, here is the development of 45k history. If there are any inaccuracies with my prior posts, please point them out so I can fix it. Anyone who would like to add an event, please PM me. But remember, this event can't be a "tyranids ate everyone!!!!1!", it needs to be thought out and special.

Timeline of Events Between M42 to M45

133.M42 - Abaddon launches the ill fated fourteenth Black Crusade. Only the Night Lords and Iron Warriors join in.

189.M42 - Ultramarines launch a campaign against ork warboss Bloodystompa. Campaign was successful with some losses.

200.M42 - World Eaters launch a full out assault on hive world Durrath. Blood Angels and five imperial guard regiments respond. Defense was successful, but chapter master Dante was slain by chaos lord Gargerensis.

202.M42 - Blood Angels announce new chapter master, Lord Francis Varde.

266.M42 - Black Templars launch crusade against Ben-tile. Crusade was a failure, but Ben-tile suffered massive losses.

279.M42 - The Dark Eldar launch their first full out assault on the chaos held world of Marxis. The raid was partialy successful, but Asdrubael Vect was slain by Gargerensis. Gargerensis would not be seen or heard from again for the next eight hundred years.

357.M42 - The Eldar of the Iyanden craftworld are attack a Emperor's Children war band. Mission was successful and recovered a important system.

389.M42 - Tyranids finally devour the ork empire of Octavian.

389.45.M42 - Tyranid the main body of hive fleet Leviathan, responsible for the destruction of the Octavian ork empire, has been dissipated by warp storm Ares. It is discovered that the warp storm has destroyed the synopses between the hive fleet, thus turning feral on each other. The fleet is not seen or heard from again for another hundred years. (1)

500.M42 - Necrons awake on the Fire Drakes home world. Chapter was destroyed. The Necron army is unheard of again until the siege of Hive world Abraxes. World was eliminated within four days.

633.M42 - First signs of the main Tyranid fleet approach.

638.M42 - Tau empire expands beyond its borders. The empire is now roughly thrice the size as it was before. First recorded riots and break out within the civilian populace. (14*)

641.M42 - Main Tyranid fleet arrives, starting their assault on the western ork empires.

642.M42 - Tyranid launches its three prong attack on the galaxy, a ill fated move. Over the next three thousand years, the Tyranids fight stalemate wars against the orks, necrons and chaos.

790.M42 - The Emperor fails. A week long panic plagues Terra and Mars. Within four days, it was discovered that the golden throne is strong enough to power the astronomican by itself. Massive resources are invested at keeping the machine running. A problem arises that even though the astronomican is fully functional, there are no ways of navigating through the warp, as it was known that the Emperor was not only the power source, but the map also. Navigators are lost and almost all worlds and systems are isolated. (2)

900.M42 - Over one third of the human race has been slaughtered by the lost of the guide paths in the warp for FTL travel. The Tau, orks and chaos expands into the lands.

923.M42 - Guass discovers the STC that helps navigate in the warp. Long distance travel is restored, but losses of human life are great.

940.M42 - The mass exodus of human relocation begins as demanded by the Administration. (3)

993.M42 - Gargerensis launches an assault with the black legion against Hive fleet Typhoon and Erebus. Campaign is successful.

140.M43- Mass exodus is completed. The Imperium is only a third of its original size.

143.M43 - The administration signs the Charter of Fortitude. The charter declares that the space marines and imperial guard spend the next three hundred years fortifying all outside systems and important key systems. This is nicknamed The 'Great Walls of the Imperium' project. (4)

243.M43 - Swarm Lord with Hive fleet Maw successfully destroy necron and tau resistance in the Fengris systems.

245.M42 - Hive fleet Maw and Swarm Lord are stopped by ork warboss Eavy Hammer and his waaagh! Eavy Hammer and his army is not heard again after.

455.M43 - Charter of Fortitude project is completed. The Imperium, though smaller, is now drastically safer from xeno and outside chaos threats.

466.M43 - White Scars are annihilated by Hive fleet Grendel. The same fleet also annihilates Raven Guard. (5)

488.M43 - Over the span of 150 years, the Ultramarines have been dwindling away as their territories in the Ultima sector have been conquered by their enemies. They are on the brink of destruction according to the space marine census.

490.M43 - The Swarm Lord arrives with Hive fleet Grendel and Hive fleet Argus at Maccragg. The Ultramarines fight what looked like a losing battle until the Steel Lions chapter and the imperial navy arrived with aid. With a valiant last push, the remaining Ultramarines and Steel Lions repelled hive fleet Maw and Argus, a considered miracle. For the next one hundred years, both chapters hunt down and recover their lost territory from both the Tyranids and orks. It takes five hundred years until the Ultramarines are back to their original strength. (6)

579.M43 - Abaddon launches the fifteenth Black Crusade. Abaddon succeeds in taking Cadia, but in revolt is slain by Gargerensis. He is appointed the new warmaster and in a act of authority, slays Logar and Petrubo. The Word Bearers, Night Lords, Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors rebel, but eventual, with the exception of the Iron Warriors, submit to Gargerensis. He renames the Black Legion to the Disciples of Chaos. (7)

654.M43 - The Tau set off on a campaign to take several systems that have been occupied by some small ork clans. The conquest was successful.

666.M43 - The Tau are attacked by several necron forces. Out of the five assaults, the Tau manage to defeat them on the last two, but suffer dramatic losses.

712.M43 - Kharn the Betrayer finally falls out of favor from Khorne. He is slain by the khorne dreadnaught champion Hades. He dubbed the Blood God's new champion.

899.M43 - Death Guard launches a assault on the craft world Alaitoc. They defeat the eldar and their defenses. Alaitoc is no more.

993.M43 - Gargerensis launches a full out assault on the Dark Angel’s base of operations, The Rock. While his forces were repelled, Luther was found later missing. Two months later, it was discovered that Gargerensis kidnapped the traitor during the assault. Another month later, Luther was found dead on the desert world of Harrogoth. His reason of capture and death are a mystery to the Dark Angels. (8)

38.M44 - Over the course of the past four hundred years, four chapters have rose to the power and size of the chapters of old that exist. The Steel Lions, the Boyars, the Black Scars and the Myrmidons. (9)

167.M44 - With the imperial system of governing planets losing its efficiency and the increasing squalor on civilian planets, the Administration signs the Feudal Act. This document and act divides up the imperium's hold into 11 equal sectors, each run and governed by one of the eleven major space marine chapters. At first this was met with resistance, but within a few years the space marines agreed to take charge. Law, administration and trade are ran by the Adeptus Arbites and officials appointed by the respective chapter of the area. This system has proved to be a much more efficient and profitable. Statistics show that heresy, mutants, and other felonies have decreased within the system comparable to the old system. (10)

231.M44 - Space Wolves and the Disciples of Chaos clash for the first time. Both sides take losses but the Disciples prove to be the victor.

244.M44 - Tau are assaulted by hive fleet Arachnid on the east. The first breach was met with failure, but the second round was given to the Tau.

377.M44 - Necrons clash with Death Guard. Necrons win by a hair.

379.M44 - Eldar prince Hydrian of Saim-Hann defeats the scourge of the Emperor's children. He single handedly defeats Lucius the Eternal, trapping his soul forever in a spirit stone. (11)

388.M44 - Hydrian launches several campaigns to recapture lost territory. His amazing victories earn him awe and hope to the eldar. (11)

404.M44 - The Sisters of Battle declare a crusade against the expansion of the Thousand Sons. The Thousand Sons are pushed back for several systems until the Sisters are exhausted of resources. After several humiliating and crushing defeats, the Sisters head back to regroup.

421.M44 - With the reformation of the Codex Astartes II, all smaller chapters are ordered to merge with their parent chapter, with the exception of the The Blood Ravens, The Dragoons, The Harogoths, and The Normans. However, some chapters resented being absorbed into their parent chapter and thus clashed with the Administration. After finding a loop hole in the codex to retain individuality, the chapters that wish to remain independent branched off to become small specialized companies, later known as Astartes Mercinatous, who lend themselves out to those in desperate need. (12)

500.M44 - Xenophon's auxiliary chapter is stranded in the tyranid infested system of Addian. They started with five hundred marines and only twenty four terminators made it out of the system. Since then, Xenophon and his remain troops have become a mercenary company. (15*)

622.M44 - Imperial guard, Dark Angels and Imperial Fists fight the biggest Tyranid invasion in recorded history. The Swarm Lord and his hive fleet launch a direct assault on Terra. After days of fighting, the exhausted imperial troops fend off the Swarm Lord. The remaining tyranids are exterminated. This war showed the importance of mercenary space marine companies. (13)

700.M44 - Necrons, lead by the Night Bringer, wipe out the ork clans of the Normandy system.

833.M44 - It is official that the Disciples of Chaos have built a large empire in the Obscura Segmentum. That sector is considered lost by Imperial hands.

922.M44 - Ork warboss Skulleatah leads a waaagh! against Necrons. He succeeds and his army is ever growing since.

Events with numbers by them are events that will be detailed in another post. It will provide more goody info about em!

Making Vidya Games
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I could use some suggestions with some imperial guard and sisters of battle events. Of course they have to flow along with the other events, but any ideas will do.

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These are the events that are described in more detail.
These events might be tweaked and edited/corrected any time in the future.

389.45.M42 - Hive Fleet Levianthan of the Octarius Sector

Between 995.M41 to 389.M2, Hive Fleet Leviathan has been in a continuous war of attrition against the Ork empire of the Octarius. The event was initially started when Hive fleet Levianthan attacked Telsa Prime, held by the Adapteus Mechanicus. After the initial evacuation, the orks raided the planet and in turn they were attacked by Leviathan. However, the battle between the two forces were promising in the eyes of inquisitor Kryptman, and from there he orchestrated the war between the orks of the Octarius Sector and the Tyranid fleet. The Battle escalated over time until finally, in 389.M42, the Tyranids emerged victorious, and more powerful than before. As soon as reports came in about the Hive Fleets victory, a warp storm of unthought intensity broke out over the system. The cause for this warp storm, later named Ares, was guessed as a chaos invasion in the system, arriving too late on their part fortunantly. But rather than the Tyranids moving on, they were sent in a state of complete feral chaos. It was theorized that the warp storm was powerful enough that it completely disrupted the synapses of the fleet in the sector, causing the entire swarm to, as some inquisitors call it, 'go completely cannibalistic on each other'. Official data was gathered after the storm dissipated, a hundred years later, and true enough, the tyranids ate and killed each other. Only small groups of them wander the system.
While multiple tendrils of the main fleet still wander the galaxy, the main body is considered dead. This event is considered to be a major stepping stone in tyranid scientific research.

790.M42 - The Death of the Emperor and Years of Anarchy

Since the discovery of the failed mechanics in the Golden Throne that support the life of the Emperor in M41, the glorious leader of mankind, has been slowly dwindling away into oblivion. Then the inevitable happened on 790.M42; the Emperor was no more. During this time after his final life signs passed, the Imperial Palace was whipped into a frenzy of fear to secure the throne room from the predicted collapse of the webway which it sat upon, which upon theory would unleash forces of chaos in the throne and eventually on the streets of Terra. Every Custodian, soldier and guardsmen surrounded the dormant portal, waiting for the hopeless onslaught of the demonic invasion. But yet... nothing happened. The guards waited out their position for three days before someone brave enough dare to step forward to see the webway up close. It was a techpriest, whose name was forgotten by the records, that discovered the reason for this miraculous mechanical survival of the ancient portal. The webway portal stayed closed by the searing energies of a object with a nearby origin. The priest discovered that the ancient core inside of the throne was the real reason why the webway did not open for chaos and remained shut. It was diagnosed that the embodiment of the Emperor passively fueled the core insomuch that the device could run on its own. After discovering this, the Imperium invested its complete devotion and time into maintaining this core, creating a project so grand and expensive, that the only other endeavor to compare would be that of the creations of the Primarchs.

But this amazing save had a terrible cost. With the Emperor gone, so did too the Atronomican, and without the Astronomican, navigating through the warp was almost nigh impossible. As so, this made faster than light travel incredibly dangerous. Systems had no way of reaching each other without warp travel, causing the Imperium to be fragmented for over 130 years. These 130 years were called "The Era of Anarchy", and it cost the imperium trillions of lives and massive amounts of territory from foreign powers. This looked like the inevitable doom to mankind, but another miracle has saved the helpless population and overburden military after the "Era of Anarchy". Delphran Gruss, almost consumed with insanity for spending much of his life finding fabled STCs, had finally discovered a STC that would revolutionize warp travel forever. He has discovered the STC that has the blueprints, navigation points, resources and records that would enable warp travel without the Astronomican and the guidance of the Emperor. Such a discovery couldn't have been any better.

940.M42 - The Exodus

After the recovery of the infamous "Navigator STC", the administration realized that the Imperium would fall and crumble if they continue to live out in this far flung empire. It was decided in 941.M42 that the administration would proceed with the act "The Exodus". This act declared that all remaining human populations would relocate to specific areas designated by the administration. The areas included the territories around Mccagg, Terra, and other sectors. It took about three years before the act went into action. During this time, worlds almost without number started to evacuate and moved to the 'safe zones' in the inner sanctum of the imperium. The exodus lasted about two hundred years. During this time, hundreds of small space marine chapters and imperial guard regiments guided and defended the moving civilian populace. While the exodus was considered by many historians a huge success, much life was lost and many chapters were lost as well. With the human population only a smidge less than 50% of what it was, certain planets went under mass re-vegetation and turned into agricultural worlds, since so many were lost and devoured after humanity left them. The human race was once a again, safe and alive... for now. Only small concentrated populations around the founding legions home worlds did not leave, for they were already considered safe with their respective space marine chapter near by.

143.M43 - Charter of Fortitude

With the imperium relocated, refocused and re-secured, the administration finally put forward another and final plan. The Charter of Fortitude was signed and put into action on 143.M43, declaring that many of the outlining exposed worlds and systems be heavily reconstructed and fortified against outside threats in all imperium controlled sectors. Such worlds would require them to be equipped with more orbital defense systems, more imperial troops and more weapons of war available. The Imperial Fleet would have to maintain a more secure border around such systems and the space marine chapters to be more vigilant with the defenses. It took about three hundred years for the entire project to complete, making the majority of outlining systems and key inner worlds into large imperial citadels. This plan and defense grid in time would prove itself to be an invaluable to the survival of man.

466.M43 - The Destruction of The White Scars and Raven Guard

It was in 464.M43 that reports of the largest tyranid hive fleet seen to date was detected, and was moving its way over towards the home world of the White Scars, Mundus Planus. The White Scars, upon hearing the inevitable invasion, stopped all campaigns and wars and fell back to defend their beloved homeworld. To their despair however, only Raven Guard and ten Imperial Guard regiments arrived to the defense, seeing that all other chapters and forces were too busy fighting other threats. The tyranid fleet, later named Grendel, ascended down on the planet like a typhoon, chewing and eating through the majority of all defenses. The guards and marines fought back the xenos for over two weeks in a war of attrition and determination, creating a new record length of defense against the tyranids. Ultimately, the Swarm Lord of hive fleet Grendel proved to be too much for the legendary chapters and eventually over came them. The war ended shortly after both chapter masters died, only a few, but later important, individuals escape the devourer. The fleet, rather than continuing on to devour the system, moved its eyes towards Maccragge, drifting slowly to its new prey.

490.M43 - The Siege of Maccragge

With the grievous defeat on Mundus Planus by hive fleet Grendel, the Imperium was in a state of despair. It wasn't long till news broke out that hive fleet Grendel was making a straight shot towards Maccragge, its goals and intents quite obvious for the Ultramarines. After fighting for hundreds of years against the orks, tyranids and necrons, the Ultramarines dwindeld from their once proud and mighty numbers to a chapter desperate for recruits. With friends and allies in their sector low, the Ultramarines and the Imperial Guard were fighting this battle completely alone. Grendel finally made its way up towards the door of Maccragge, punishing the mighty monastery fortress of Hera. With all hope lost, Mareus Calgar made his last stand at the gates, waiting for the end. But before the mighty legion of the devourer could breach the mighty walls, Calgar got the direct message from the Steel Lions that reinforcements are to arrive. The Ultramarines and guard, invigorated at those wonderful words, pushed against the tyranids with what they had left. The Imperial troops watched with joy as the Steel Lions rained down from the sky in their drop pods, smashing and crashing directly into the swarm. First company cleared the area and soon to follow was the entire chapter in its full numbers. It is considered to be a miracle in two ways: It was a victory against all odds fighting arguably the strongest tyranid invasion, winning through luck and timing. But the second and most importantly was that more information about how the tyranids work was discovered that day, adding significant data and combat tactics against the swarm. After they repelled the main force, for the next five hundred years both chapters continued out and hunted down all of the remaining tyranids in their sector. Within time, the Ultramarines recovered and regain their lost territories.

579.M43 - Fifteenth Black Crusade and the Great Schism

After the horrible and completely humiliating fourteenth Black Crusade, Abaddon fell back towards his fortress in the eye of terror, plotting and recovering from the disastrous campaign. He spent almost a millennium and a half staying in his citadel before he revealed himself again to his legion. Abaddon, with full conviction and determination, gathered his forces once more. But instead of relying only on the Black Legion, he summoned all of the other traitor legions to join him in destroying Cadia and the Imperium. At first his request from the other legions were denied, but over several years and through the sway of the chaos gods, all of the original traitor legions joined in to the fray. It was one of the biggest movements of the forces of chaos in recorded Imperial history. But unlike before, Abaddon decided to have a second in command in helping orchestrating this crusade, so that he would have someone to not only advise, but to blame if things went awry. He chose the most promising of all of the marines he observed in the galaxy, and that honor befell on Gargerensis, the renegade chaos lord of the Demon Eaters war band. The crusade began with blazing success, annihilating all imperial forces before foot fall on Cadia.

Once Abaddon and the legions walked on the earth, the true resistance of the Imperium showed. To Abaddon and the demon primarchs surprise, the Imperium heard ahead of time of their assault. The Dark Angels, Blood Angels, The Normans and the Grey Knights showed up in almost full number to respond to Abaddon's war. It was a nightmare from there; both forces literally tore the ground up with artillery and fire as both sides fanatically tried to kill each other. The war was literally a stalemate until Abaddon sent Gargerensis and his war band on a suicide mission. He ordered his men to suicide bomb the gates of Cadia down, allowing the traitor legions to finish the fight. Gargerensis agreed and achieved the goal, leaving him alone at the gates once they were down. Rather than being hew down as one would suspect, the furious chaos lord slaughtered anyone who approached him as he stood at the opened doors, enjoying the massacre. Thousands upon thousands of marines, guardsmen and grey knights fell before the titanic lord, showing his fellow traitors that he was not to be trifled with. From there, Cadia was lost. Abaddon celebrated his victory over the Imperial forces, leaving the loyalists broken and beaten. But rather applauding Gargerensis for his unparallel brutality and success, Abaddon scorned him for not killing enough and his sloppy job. Enraged beyond demon comprehension, Gargerensis slew Abaddon with his sword and maul, destroying his body beyond recognition. With Abaddon dead, Gargerensis took title of warmaster and commanded all of the legions to follow under his order. While some of the legions and their princes complied, some of the others did not. Angron, Mortarion, Magnus and Fulgrim took their respective legions and left the crusade, returning to their worlds to continue the great game.

Alpha Legion, the Iron Warriors, Word Bearers and Nightlords on the other hand, agreed to continue the war. However, Gargerensis did not find their words to be satisfying enough. To ensure full submission, Gargerensis ordered Petrurabo and Logar to stand before the legions. Seeing no ill plan of that, the two demon primarchs stood forward. After Gargerensis made his speech infront of them and the legions, through an act of authority and mad power, he executed the two demons, stating that their idle lives on their worlds weakened them to the point of uselessness and that they needed to be removed. Immedietly all of his forces rebelled. For hours the legions assaulted the remaining Black Legion troops, declaring Gargerensis as the false warmaster. But as the gods smiled on him before, Gargerensis regained control and finally made them into his fold. From then on, he remained his force as the Disciples of Chaos, changing their goal from destroying the Imperium, to ruling it. They retreated back to the eye of terror, and from there they began to build an empire of their own.

Afraid of Gargerensis success and power, the god dedicated legions frantically started to claim territory of their own, hoping to build a secure realm for themselves without Gargerensis subjection. From that day on, the five chaos empires battle each other in the segmentum obscura for power and control...

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993.M43 - Assault on the Rock

On 445993.M43, an assault force of twenty Chaos Battle Barges and fifty Strike Cruisers reached the perimeter of the Segmentum Pacificus. Such a mass of enemy ships had immediately brought the attention of the Imperial Navy, causing the majority of ships in the imperium to go on state of emergency. But it wasn't the imperial navy who was in the most alert state, but rather the Dark Angels. Their traveling home world, The Rock, was directly in line with the mass fleet of chaos. Taking defenses in hand and mustering their navy, the Dark Angels threw all they had at the fleet of destruction. It was identified during the battle that the chaos fleet was lead by the Disciples of Chaos, along with several other small war bands. While it looked like at first that the Dark Angels were suppressing the Disciples back, they failed to realized that the fleet was no more than a diversion to their forces. During the mayhem, a small boarding ship flew under imperial radar and latched near the bottom of the rock. It was rumored that several fallen angels helped the small boarding party into the Rock, leading them to their desired destination. It wasn't long till the Dark Angel's fleet had to regroup, too many ships lost to keep such a massive force back. But as soon as they regrouped, the fleet disappeared, back into the eye of terror. Baffled at this sudden appearance and leave, the Dark Angels returned back to the rock, trying to figure out why the Disciples of Chaos employed such a move. But as soon as everything was settled, news broke out that Luther was missing. In a whipped frenzy, the Dark Angels searched their fortress looking for the traitor, yet they came up empty handed. But what they did found was a break in on the lower levels of the Rock, showing that a boarding party landed and raided the lower levels during the assault. From there the Angels concluded that Luther was kidnapped.

Such an escape and insult did not go unpunished. The Dark Angels mobilized their greatest veterans to launch a search party after the fleet, trying to see if they could recapture the traitor. Sadly, their massive hunt was over within a month, after Imperial reports told that they found a dead fallen angel on the barren world of Harrogoth. It was discovered that it was the body of Luther, his heart ripped out and his throat slit. The reasons for his kidnapping and death remain a enigma for the Dark Angels to this day.

38.M44 - Legion Census

On 76638.M44, the High Lords of Terra and the Administration have fully acknowledge the power and strength of four new chapters that have risen over the past four to eight hundred years: The Steel Lions, The Boyars, The Black Scars and The Myrmidons. Two have since then filled the slots of the White Scars and Raven Guard and two extra. This leads up to eleven elite chapters with other supporting chapters.

167.M44 - The Feudal Act

Over the past two thousand years, there has been an increasing frequency of disobedient governors, leaders and administrators on the majority of human worlds. Heresy, traitors, greed and power have all been too common with planetary governors and people holding office. Over and over again, the Administration has replaced these men with new ones. But still that did not stop the political taint and vile. With these conditions, the High Lords of Terra decided to change the system of rule on planets, sub sectors and sectors. They decided it was now time that the Astartes play a little role in establishing order along with defending the imperium. The plan was that all of the Imperium would be divided into eleven equal sectors with a high ranking chapter taking control of their respective area. The chapter then would be responsible to chose officials and members to conduct trade, order and protection with the worlds and systems in their sector. This act would be later known as The Feudal Act. This was immediately shown with negativity from the space marines, declaring it foolish, useless and something that is not of their trade. But on seeing such decay and rebellion within the systems they work, the Astartes decided to work along with this new plan. With some revisions and corrections, the Fedual Act was put in place. Thousands upon thousands of political offices and planetary governors were thrown out of office and replaced by individuals who were taught and trained by the Astartes.

With people who had ties and duties with the protectors of mankind, rebellious planets went from common to almost non-existent. Internal heresy and xeno threats were almost wiped clean with these new rulers. Loyalty to the Imperium was almost unbreakable. This act was shown to be a major success across the imperium. But even with the astartes in charge with major political affairs and works, the majority of the time they were fighting external, not internal, threats. However, this act did not improve the lives of individuals across the imperium, only offered more protection.

379.M44 - The Conquests of Prince Hydrian

The Eldar during the 45st millineia are even more fragmented then they were four thousand years ago. They are a desperate people, trying to do everything in their power to save their race from all that threatens them. But even with their inevitable doom, the eldar cling onto the hope that when the last of their kin falls, they shall awaken Ynnead, who will free them from their bonds. Such a belief has caused much of the race to stop pro-creating, hence ending the purpose of a mother in their society. However, a few deny such a philosophy of life and continued on with bringing in new life, thus creating a small generation of 'new borns'. One of these 'new borns' was a young warrior (young by eldar) by the name of Hydrian of Saim-Hann. Through time, Hydrian proved himself to be a better warrior among his brothers, excelling in the art of war that most would fail miserably. Such promise drew the eyes of the exarchs, but in the end, Hydrian denied any specific path. Instead, he showed his people that he did not need a path to achieve greatness and glory. Over the next hundred years, hydrian fought, lead, and conquered all that opposed him. His greatest test of leadership was when Lucius the Eternal lead a mighty scourge of Emperor's Children against the craft world of Saim-Hann. For three days the battle insured, but after several brilliant moves, Hydrian overcame the decadent monsters. After the siege, Hydrian finally put Lucius to rest, trapping his soul forever in a special spirit stone, never to return to the materium.

Such achievements and victories have brought in a new hope for the dying race... and fear and terror to their enemies. Since then, Hydrian has been leading countless eldar warriors into conquests and campaigns against their foes, slowly and steadily taking back what was theirs. He is considered to be the thrid greatest enemy to the Imperium, right behind the Hive Mind and Gargerensis. He is a bright star in the darkest night for the Eldar.

421.M44 - Codex Arstartes II

Throughout time the Codex Arstartes was considered to be the foundation on how all space marine chapters should be organized and run. But by the 44st millennium, many chapters have been bending the rules and guide lines to gain an edge against their enemies. It was finally declared on 555421.M44 that the Codex Arstartes needed a revision. The space marine chapters agreed immediately on the proposal, and thus changing the adeptes astartes forever once more. While various rules and small tid bits were tweaked and edited, the biggest changes were in how the chapters should be organized. The biggest eleven legions, picked out by the administration and the High Lords of Terra, were given the limit of seven thousand and five hundred marines, enough to keep up in numbers at the exponentially growing enemy numbers. This caused many of the successor chapters to merge into their parent chapter. The second four largest chapters became auxiliary chapters, chapters that will serve under an original legion upon request with legitimate reasons; otherwise they go about doing their own agenda. They are limited to two thousand marines and are considered nomadic in the Imperium. After numerous changes to marine limit and organization, the codex was considered done and successful. However, there was one loop hole that almost everyone forgot when it came to numbers: it states no organization and merging requirements for chapters with less than two hundred marines. This loop hole created a new branch for marine companies who did not wish to merge with their founding chapter, thus creating mercenary companies: marines that will serve any imperial organization upon request, requiring that they pay for expenses of damaged equipment and vehicles.

622.M44 - The Second Siege of Terra

On 123622.M44, signals reached Terra reporting that a Tyranid fleet of four hive ships strong was making a direct assault on Terra, ignoring all planets and moons in the sol system. As soon as those words were spoke to the High Lords, requests for reinforcements were sent out immediately to the Dark Angels, Imperial Fists and the surrounding Imperial Guard. They had four days to prepare for such a siege, that only the Horus Heresy surpasses it. The massive tyranid fleet arrived within three days of the report, smashing through all orbital defense systems of Mars, Luna and Terra. Millions of Tyrandis ascended down from the sky onto the holy planet, annihilating the entire civilian and police population in a matter of hours. But the custodes and space marines didn't wait a second to mount defenses. Every wall was crammed with mankind's greatest, resisting and pushing back the endless horde of death. The sky screamed with fire and blood as the Imperial Navy and Dark Angels clashed with the Tyranids above. It was said that marines at times focused their flamers on the bodies of the Tyranids, for so many of the creatures fell that it was creating a natural ramp up to the walls. After two days, the Tryanids breached the first wall, swarming over to the second. The second breach was lead by Swarm Lord Mantis, a genetically mutated monstrosity of such power that it rumored that it compared to the demon primarchs themselves. Again, the marines fought what seemed to be a losing siege; the only sign of victory was with their aerial battles. Swarm Lord Mantis finally broke through the second gate and stormed straight to the Eternity Gate with four hive tyrants, twenty carnifexes and four hierodule. They smashed and bashed through the Imperiums most elite, destroying almost all of the defender's courage... almost all of them. The last remaining force between Mantis and the Imperium's heart was Xenophon's Guard and two Sisters of Battle celestials.

The two sisters recalled the last stand as something more of a dream than reality, stating that 'the fight was best described as an unstoppable force hitting an unmovable object'. Xenophon and his terminator champions launched themselves on the first tyranid assault line. In a berserker and fanatical state, the terminators, wielding the legendary decapitator axes, smote down the carnifexes, hewing off their legs then heads. Xenophon and his personal four men charged the tyrants and Mantis. Steel clashed against bone as Xenophon battled against the xeno primarch. After three hours of fighting, Xenophon stepped up on top, holding the head of Mantis in his power fist. After the defense of the Eternity Gate, the Imperium's finest gained the upper hand, pushing out the tyranids. After another four days of cleansing Terra and the sol system, the Hive Armada of Mantis was no more, a victory that is now considered a galactic holiday. It took three hundred years of fanatical building and reconstruction to restore Terra to its original state.

Next Part of 45k to write: The Tyranids!

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Here is the long awaited info about the Tyranids!

The Tyranids

The Tyranids are an extraterrestrial alien race from outside our galaxy. Their only goal is to consume all biological organisms and reap any planet of resources, using it to further their evolution.

The first known encounter with the Tyranids was on 745.M41 on the outpost planet of Tryan. Since then the Imperium has faced three invasions prior to the arrival of the main fleet. The first invasion was Hive Fleet Behemoth, second Hive Fleet Kraken and the third Hive Fleet Leviathan. On 389.45.M42, the main hive fleet arrived in the Milky Way galaxy. While explained before, the Tyranids decided to attack the galaxy in a three prong assault, an ill fated move for the species. Since then they have been at a stalemate war against the orks, necrons and forces of chaos. The Tyranids since then have been fighting a stagnating war of attrition with the various races in the galaxy. However, the Tyranids have achieved some noticeable accomplishments since their arrival.

-The destruction of the White Scars and Raven Guard
-The Second Siege of Terra
-The near destruction of the Ultramarines

But even with those achievements the Tyranid force has yet to gain the upper hand in the grand scheme of things among all races. (Meaning they are on par with everyone else).

New Information

Over the course of thousands of years, the Imperium of mankind has gathered new and important information about the Tyrainds, such as counter tactics, biological information and 'social interaction' information.


The Dead Virus: Upon the discovery and knowledge of geanstealer cults, the Administration had to think of something to counter act these Tyranid infestations before they grew out of proportions. After years upon years of thinking and research, the full members of the rank of the Magos Biologis have finally developed a way to stop the geanstealer infestation from rooting in through the means of a chemical virus. Since the biology of a Tyranid species can adapt and evolve against biological viruses, the Mechanicum devised a new virus... A non biological virus. The ' Dead Virus', as it was code named, was actually nothing more than a compound of gases and elements that would react to tyranid tissue and flesh. The reaction would cause the tissue melt and burn, either horrible wounding the creature or outright kill it. Surprisingly, however, it was harmless against 100% pure human tissue (meaning that it contained no biological hints or taints). The way it would work was that the chemical would be infused with something that a geanstealer would intake, such as food or more commonly, water. When the geanstealer would partake of the infected food/water, the chemical compound would react to the Tyranid biological tissue inside the body. The skin would burn and melt, thus destroying the creature from inside out. After several tests, the 'virus' was deemed a success.

Ways to root out an infestation using the virus was simple. If an individual was considered or suspected of being a geanstealer, the chemical virus would be simply slipped into some water or food. If the suspect is completely unharmed, then he is not a geanstealer. If the suspect is harmed or killed, then the planet would be under quarantine, ready for a strike team to purge the infestation. While the virus has rooted out hundreds of infestations with success, the creation of the virus is extremely long, slow and expensive, thus will only be used by the will of an inquisitor or other approved authority.

Implosion: Since the discovery of the synapse between commander and minion on the battlefield, Imperial troops were constantly told to strike at the large Tyranid targets in hopes of destabilizing the link, causing the swarm to lose control. Unfortunately this is no easy task and even with the achievement of killing a synapse creature, the threat is still present. But a new discovery in the fields of plasmatic technology (approved the mechanicum) has made this achievement much easier. The product is called the Implosion Missile. The Implosion Missile is a projectile that unleashes a lob of high concentrated plasma mixed with an artificial mind altering drug. When the missile hits the target, it releases the plasma unto the impacted point, like a flaming arrow. The power and strength of the concentrated blast is so strong that it can melt through even the toughest of Tyranid hides. Once the plasma has pierced the exoskeleton, the next discharge is the drug. The drug seeps into either the nerve system or blood system of the creature. Within moments the target is hallucinating like no other man made drug. The drug not only disrupts the creature's immediate action, but also heavily disrupts the psychic link, causing false orders or just complete chaos among the swarm. Thus this tactic destroys all form of organization, rendering the swarm incompetent of any effective movement. But this does not nullify their force, for they are still rabid and dangerous even without control. While this missile has proven itself again and again to be a critical device in victory, it is in very short supply and it is expensive. Only the most dangerous of encounters is this weapon used.

Neuron Grenade: After the development of the Implosion Missile, the Inquisition and the Adaptes Astartes demanded for a smaller version for most close combat cases. The solution however did not come from the Adaptus Mechanicus, but rather from a young Inquisitor. The Inquisitor was named Hal, his entire name forgotten over the years. It was during a purge against a slaanesh war band that Hal found the solution. During the conflict, Hal watched a chaos space marine completely over dosed on some narcotics, immediately sending his body over the edge. Within minutes the marine died; his brain incapable of handling a usage of that size and concentration. Hal watched and the idea came to him like a light bulb. He presented the Ordo Xenos and Mechanicum his solution to the demand that the Inquisitors wanted after the Implosion Missile. He explained that the device is a grenade which released a high concentration of gas. The gas would contain various narcotics, hallucinogens and other sensatory distorting drugs. He theorized that such combinations of drugs would rend the target useless and kill him in the process. The device was first tested on a geanstealer infestation. With gas masks, the death watch team threw one of the grenades down a hall of oncoming geanstealers. Within seconds, the geanstealers were on the floor, their eyes and ears bleeding and foaming out of the mouth. After a few moments, they died; their senses and nerves overloaded to unimaginable levels. It was considered a success, and only such grenades can be granted to Death Watch or inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos.

Social Interactions aka, Synapse

Since the Hive Fleet Kraken, it was discovered that the Tyranids were a psychicly active race, utilizing their minds to link one another to work more efficiently and faster. Such power is their psychic link that it has the ability to block out all other psychic activity that is not theirs, such as disabling sanctioned psykers, nullifying warp sorcery and destroying the abilities of an astropath. Such a passive ability has become a terrifying and deadly weapon. While all previous attempts to nullify the effect were all futile, observations and discoveries have shown that this psychic link can be damaged. One good and well known example is killing a synapse creature. Such a kill would cause the link between creatures to either fall or weaken considerably. Another way is the use of blanks. While using a blank will not destroy or weaken the link on the battle field, it will nullify it around the target. This is only effective when a blank individual would have themselves near a synapse creature, warping the link to the others around the target. Drug alterations also have an effect on the creature and their link, damaging the nervous system that links to the psychic part of the brain.

The most effective and most dangerous way to destroy the Tyranid psychic link within an area would have to be the effects of a warp maelstrom. A warp maelstrom is a warp storm of unthinkable intensity and strength. It is a break in real space like other warp storms, but its creation or appearance is still an enigma to even the followers of chaos. A warp maelstrom powers is strong enough to overcome the Shadow in the Warp effect created by the Tyranids. When the maelstrom breaks the link, all Tyranids in the vicinity, no matter of what rank or connection, will become feral and eventually self destruct upon each other. The only two cases of this were with maelstrom Ares in the Octarius sector and a maelstrom in the Oranos sector. But again, such a tactic is almost impossible to achieve by mortal means, and if achievable, it is only last resort.

New species

Since the arrival of the main Hive Fleet, several new species of Tyranids have been documented on the battlefield.

Suidguants: The Suidguant was first recorded on Primus III. The creature can be best described as a bloated Hormaguant with its talons replaced with claws. The creature would run up to its oppenet and literally self destruct, causing the damage akin to a krak grenade. Its claws are much different than other species, designed to grip on slippery or steep surfaces to reach its target. However, if the creature is killed before it reaches its target, it will explode, damaging anything around it. It has yet to prove itself effective against vehicles or terminator armor.

Vomitors: The vomitor was first encountered on Haggoth. The creature is described as a Tyrand Guard with a expandable mesh like sack on its back. The creature would first find some suitable corpses and begin devouring them. After its fill, the corpses will be immediately digested and turned into a thick acidic compound. The creature then would unleash a torrent of vile and vomit upon its target, melting and burning away flesh and steel. However, if the bloated sack is destroyed before the Vomitor reaches its target, it will explode, killing the creature and the few around it.

Shadowbrood: Shadowbrood were first encountered on the forest planet of Yggadisl. From records and testimonies, the creature appears to look like a cross breed between a spider and a geanstealer. The creature functions on solo terms, going ahead of the main assault force. Its job is to build traps and ambushes, making advancing enemy forces take massive losses before engaging the main Tyranid force. It is known to be a mostly defensive creature, hiding in the shadows away from its prey. However, it will attack unsuspecting victims if they are isolated. It is a very terrifying creature.

Swarmlord: Since the first encounter with the swarmlord, it has earned a reputation as the single greatest Tyranid threat on the battlefield. It was known for a long time that the swarmlord was a single creature, no other copies of it in the Tyranid catalog. However, it was discovered with the main Hive fleet that the swarmlord is not a single creature, but a rank. The Swarmlord can be easily compared to a space marine chapter master, usually a leader and commander to a massive hive fleet. While some were just the standard build like seen in M41, there have been a few unique builds.

-Swarmlord of Hive Fleet Grendel was armed with two venom cannons and two boneswords. It also bore large spikes on the back as a means of defense.

-Swarmlord of Xenophon's March. It was armed with four crushing claws and a reinforced carapace. Was slain by Xenophon.

-Swarmlord of the second siege of Terra, aka Swarmlord Mantis. The creature was considered to be on par with the primarchs of old, its strength and durability completely inhuman. Was slain by Xenophon as well.

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Russ finally stumbles out of the Eye of Terror, naked and with one hell of a hangover. He looks around at the enormous shit storm everything has turned into, facepalms, says "fuck this shit" and goes looking for another place to drink.

Seriously though, I like where things are going so far. Maybe you could write a bit about Charadon and what Snagrod does in the face of the Emp finally croaking. Also, you could explore what the other chaos champs are up to. What's Typhus been doing and how are Ahriman's plans with the Black Library going? How's Fabius's cloning projects going?

As for an event, if you wanna cause more imperial strife, you could have the emergence of an enormously powerful young psyker on some backwater part of the empire, or even another isolated human empire that was unable to be included in the exodus and managed to somehow survive, claiming to be the reincarnation of the Emperor. Whether he actually is the Emperor or merely insane, many hail him as a saviour while many others see him as an agent of chaos. Just a random idea.

One thing though, how fucking old is Calgar if he's still around in 490.M43?
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