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Hi everyone I'm pretty knew to 40k so I'm not the best at army lists and stuff. I'm having a game against my friend it's a 1k game and I play ultramarines. Here is my list criticism is welcome

Chapter Master : 200 points
Storm shield teeth of terra artificer armour

Tactical squad: 170 points
Additional 5 man flamer Multi melta
Sergeant power sword

Terminator assault squad: 225points
Additional hammer/shield x5
Land raider crusader : 260 points
Mulit melta

Predator : 145 points
Additional twin linked lascannons and sponson lascannons Storm bolter

That's exactly 1k

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Good list for a small army squad. However, with only one troop choice it is kinda illegal (unless unbound)

Some ideas though, don't lock up so many points in so few models. For a game up to 1k I'd drop the termionators and bring in more fast attack choices, either assault squad or land speeder squadron- standard for each will be less than 200 points, and give you more kill points in the process. the assault squad will also tie up your enemy sooner if they deep strike.

Secondly, thats a lot of ppoints in your HQ. If you drop him down to, say, 150 points, then add a chaplain with a jump pack you still have a very cood close combat unit, and the perks of not losing such a high value target early in the game can be advantageous

Also, try increasing your tactical squad numbers. 20 men is better than 10 men when hunting for obectives, and don't forget those rhinos for cover.

What do you have to combat against hordes? Yopu will need plenty of pie plate weaponry to deal with them before they reach your defensive line.

With that in mind try running either a couple whirlwinds or a vindicator instead of the predator. If you have the capacity then run a stormtalon for aerial cover.

Overall however I think its a good list.A couple of tweaks and it will be similar to a list I run during my first few games of fifth ed; losses and victories were equally distributed. Try running it and see what happens :)
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