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This is the 40k Trivia Game and I thought you all might want to try it. It's really simple. One person asks a question (obviously it has to be 40k related), then the next poster tries to answer it. If the original poster verifies the answer correct then the answerer gets to ask the next question. Every question you answer correctly is worth one point, and I'll record everyones' scores in this post. If you don't verify other people's answer to your question right or wrong for 24 hours or don't ask a question after you've been verified correct for 24 hours someone else can ask a new question. If no-one can answer your question correctly for three days then you can ask a new question. The winner is the person with highest score at the end of the month! There are also awards that you can get by doing certain things, they are listed below. So now's a chance to show of your knowledge of 40k! (or just Google the answer! :wink: )

This Game of 40k Trivia will end on the 31st May!

First question (easy), What were the Necrons known as before they gave form to the Nightbringer?


*=The Dominator award: Answer 3 or more questions in a row.
*=The Stumper award: If a question is asked and no one gets the correct answer within 3 days.
*=The Speed Demon Award: Answer a question within five minutes of it being posted.
*=The 40k Trivia Freak award: Answer 50 questions correctly.


Jacobite*****: 10
blessed knight: 9
MarzM: 7
Skcuzzlebumm: 6
Viscount Vash: 4
Kelvingreen: 3*
The Wraithlord: 3*
cccp_one: 2
Wraithe of Khaine: 2
Barney the Lurker: 1
LongBeard: 1
Pyromanic Tendencies: 1
Sei 'fir: 1
stompzilla: 1

Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Got to love the internet lol, ok um...

Right im going try and be quiet hard. Who was the commanding officer of the Mordant 13th during a Black Crusade?

You'll either know it or you wouldn't, I'm a bastard I know

I just hope I havn't killed the thread :?

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Well i know that the troops called him sir...........
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