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Howdy Guys and Girls

A white raven appeared today and brought me a message - winter is coming ...

Warhammer 40k turns 30 years old next year. The new edition is due. The clock will be taken from 5 minutes to midnight to 1 minute to midnight with the return of the Daemonprimarchs - or will they return alone? This is the theme of the new setting - think
along the lines of 13th Black Crusade - but this time, it's serious. They want to get the same excitement as the community had during the End Times - without actually going as far as Age of Sigmar did.

Chaos fans - this is your hour. Stop beeing grudgy, there will be lots of love for all of you - renegades, former legions, daemon lovers.

The lore already start to unfold, with the Shield of Baal and Warzone Fenris - so we are already within the action. As usual, this is a bit of an early talk, so stay cool and take it with a tiny bit of salt.

Lady Atia
Considering that Warzone Fenris moved the timeline forward by bringing the 13th company back (and proving that the Dark Angels are even saltier than we expected when they get upset that the Space Wolves basically stole their schtick of showing up, doing something covert and leaving without actually saving anyone) I can believe this. Especially since Warzone Fenris is rumored to have a part 2 coming with plastic Thousand Sons and a Daemon Primarch Magnus.

Rumor is that Chaos will break ground on the update, which is pretty common (they did that a few times after all).

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Plumbing the original B&C for more breadcrumbs:

Atia said:
It already started with Warzone Fenris ^^

Keep watching around September/October
A D-B said:
Tyberos the Red Wake said:
Atia said:
think along the lines of 13th Black Crusade - but this time, it's serious.
The 13th Black Crusade was serious
Imagine if this is all true, it'll be even more seriouser. And I don't mean that in a silly way despite the phrasing: We're always at two minutes to midnight (which is a thematic thing rather than a chronological/actual date thing, so the "five minutes becoming one minute" thing is probably the saltiest/most misunderstood part in all this) but imagine an unrestrained Thirteenth Black Crusade spilling into the galaxy from the Eye, via the Crimson Path. Chaos not on the cusp of returning en masse, but actually in the midst of returning. Like several codexes and novels have conflictingly hinted.

(Maybe Abaddon might send one of his sorcerers to Terra to go talk to the Inquisition, and thereby narrate a first-person novel series. Who knows. That certainly seems like the kind of tone said narrator is trying to convey, though.)

The Thirteenth Black Crusade as it, well, would/could/should/might(?) have been. I'm guessing here so don't consider it insider's insight, but I suspect it'll be less about dates shifting, and more about pointing out just how seriously bad things are for the Imperium in the Time of Ending. That'll likely mean clarity/change/detail in terms of events getting redone, or showed more clearly, or new ones popping up, rather than "Oooh, new millennium!"

Retooling the final years of the Dark Millennium to show how things are going to Hell? I'd be so in for that. I've been trying to convey it for years, since the "stasis" some folks complain about has never been a thing for me. It's always seemed darker and more perilous than a lot of people take it (especially if you look at the last 10ish years of timeline events, with things like entire segmentums losing contact with Terra...), so ramming that point home would make my day.

EDIT: And, just for 100% clarity, no insider insight, so please don't quote me as part of the rumour. These changes seem like explaining/exploring the setting as it already is, though. Presenting it better. Not advancing the chronology.
And yes, that is THAT ADB. You know, the one who wrote a lot of the best non-Abnett 40k stuff.

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BoLS said:
SadPanda chimes in his take on what is occurring:

In response to this quaestion:

“Thousand Sons only need one boss man. Ahriman is finecast. Magnus will be plastic.”

He then went onto say went on to say:

You’ll have a plastic Ahriman before you’ll have a plastic Magnus. Probably painted in red though.

…As I was told (though it might be nonsense), the earliest sessions to start work on a new edition led to the decision to not update (for the most part) the Tau Codex and no longer re-do older books. Apparently they actually had more thorough rule-changes for the Tau, scrapped them, but still printed loads of not-new Tau Codex books because the printers were already booked, leading to the hybrid old/new Codex that is the Tau book.

But they are definitely working on a new edition. It just won’t be released in 2016, not least (as I heard) because they want to move the story and need time for that.”
If they held back rules changes to Tau, something tells me the next edition is going to be drastically different than this one, making those changes useless in the next year or so.
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