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I have a load of models that i'm looking to trade. i keep starting armies and get bored of them :(

I have a base coated 750 point ork army consisting of:
1 warboss with combi flamer and squig arm
8 Storm boyz
10 Tank bustaz
18 boyz
+ loads of spare bitz

i brought them for a tournament, lost and lost interest in orks so never finished painting them

i am looking to trade them for anything imperial really.


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This what I've got. I'm interested in all the orks we can work out a trade for:

--Space Marines--
21 Space Marines
3 Space Marine Seargents
1 Land speeder

--Dark Eldar--
31 Dark Eldar Warriors (By head count)

1 Farseer
6 Howling Banshees
1 Vyper
1 Jetbike
1 Wraithlord
1 Fire Prism Grav Tank
5 Warp Spiders (1 as exarch)
5 Swooping Hawks (1 as Exarch)

--Imperial Guard--
2 OOP Guard
1 OOP Psyker

1 Keeper of Secrets, Greater Daemon of Slaanesh

I'm hesitant to trade away the Marines or the speeder, but may be willing to, depending on what we can work out.

Mad Mek
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I'm interested and can swap out some of my SM.
They are either painted up as BA or undercoated/basecoated for BA. I have spare SM trooper sprues and assembled also.

12000pts of BA, I think I can cover pretty much any combo that you want.
Please give a wishlist, it can include a dreddy, chaplain, even a couple of BA special characters (Corbulo + Mephiston unassembled)

characters (Meph + Corbulo)
Chappy + 4 DC (no JPs) -basecoated
3x tact squads (prob with ML and flamers/plasma gun) if sprued or unpainted - enough bitz + spares inc assault arms option
1x assault squad (10 man JPs) -painted
5 man scout (with HB)-basecoated

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