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everything you need for the good foundation of a strong 40k ork army. on sale are:-

the new edition rule book (like new)
the ork codex (slightly worn)
ghazghkull thraka (metal)
boss zagstruck (metal)
boss snikrot (metal)
ork warboss (metal, mid conversion, see images attached)
weirdboy (metal)
big mek with kustom mega blaster (metal)
1 ork in mega armour (metal)
60 ork boyz inc 6 nobz & 6 heavy weapons
10 ork 'ard boyz (converted black orcs)
5 ork nobz (new plastics)
8 burna boyz & 1 mek (new plastics)
8 lootas & 1 mek (new plastics)
10 stormboyz (new plastics)
1 looted leman russ
3 unique ork truks (airfix kits, mid conversion. all parts provided, see images attached)
3 ork bikes (1 converted, see images attached)
3 semi converted ork komandos (see images attached)
bits box (including enough bits to complete the squad of 10 komandos and lots lots more, see images attached)

all miniatures are supplied constructed but not painted (unless otherwise stated). only a handfull have been primed in black but that's it

all together this is worth over £400 so a sensible offer would be appreciated. i'm sad that i've gotta sell it all but needs must and circumstances have stopped me getting to the gaming table for over a year now so i want to give them a good home.
if you're interested you can P.M. me or add a comment. shipping won't be a problem as long as you're prepared to pay for it.
i'm in west yorkshire just in case you were wondering.

thanks for reading
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