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Was pondering before that what are my commitments for the new year of 2016? Personally I'm certainly going to start painting much more often and of course post some more photos of the progress?

Personally the plan is to paint up all of the minitures required for the 5 battle wagon lists these include:

● repainting/painting of the remaining 3 wagons and rams.
● paint up the 80 boys with each of the squads with separate colored shirts
● make up 2 looted wagons and paint them
● polish up the mega nobs (basically blood and damage to armor and paint job) and possibly aquire and magnetize another before painting it.
● Finish painting the stompa and magnetizing the arms and weapons.

Apart from that its aquiring a light booth for improved photos along with one or two realm of battle tiles and other terrain for minitures to reside apon for photos. After that its basically re-strip the other minitures such as the deffdreads, trukk and deffkoptas. Next would be to begin working on the gork/morkanaught in a flashy color of yellow.

After those if i manage to get any further progress; i might start to invest into those savage orks for some extra bodies if i use larger armies with some mounted in APCs and a lot of bodies for a green tide.

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*Remember that modelling/painting and playing computer games are hobbies, not jobs and that i should have fun with them.
*Sell all of the remaining stock from my failed shop.
*Paint two models for every new one i try to buy.
*Stop setting myself ridiculous targets that i feel guilty about not hitting.
*Stop muckin' about and stomp da oomies!!!! (Paint and build a ton of orky stuff)

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Finish my Black Legion army.

I have about 1400 points, but am looking at reaching 3k. I've been looking at expanding into using more green stuff, greater conversion ceiling etc.. I know it does't sound like much in comparison to some of the rather amazing projects you guys have going on, but y'know... Baby steps ennit!

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I have a battlewagon, mek gun, dakkajet, 4 boxes of lootas and 4 boxes of boyz that have been sitting on a shelf unopened. Never mind the various SW, IG, and CSM things that are sitting around needing to be built and painted.

TLDR: I need to stop being lazy in multiple parts of my lives.

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Stop being lazy.
Go out more.
Paint more.
Build unassembled models.
Game more.
Find a better job that doesn't depress me as soon as I wake up.
Exercise more.

The list could potentially go on and on, but, I'm going to cap it at this point.

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* Paint more
* Game more
* Build a new 2000 point ork army
* Build more conversions
* Build a Gargant from scratch-This one is a long shot since I have other important goals none hobby related to achieve that are going to take up time but I will put it here and see what happens.

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- Finish all my half-painted Daemons squads and CSM tanks (about 4 of each)
- Get an airbrush to save me hundreds of hours of basecoating and speed my mini process up a bunch, plus maybe branch out into fancier stuff.
- Buy as few minis that have a bunch of trim on them as possible, and paint as many of my unpainted minis that don't have much trim on them as possible.

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To paint as much of my backlog as possible without buying anything this year (apart from Leman Russ when he's released)!!

As it stands:

BaC boxset
Landraider crusader
5 blood claws
Wolf Lord
5 cataphracti termies
Long Fangs
Mortarch (Mannfred)
HE Sword masters
HE spearman
HE archers
Dragon Princes
Silver Helms
Bolt thrower
Black Dragon
Oh and 5 MkII marines

I think thats it..............

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