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Hey all. As suggested by Vash I've started a new game of Triva - however only certain people are allowed to particpate in this. This game is designed to be easy. Rules are simple and very similer to the standard (and now very hard game).

One person asks a question (obviously it has to be 40k related), then the next poster tries to answer it. If the original poster verifies the answer correct then the answerer gets to ask the next question. Every question you answer correctly is worth one point, and I'll record everyones' scores in this post. If you don't verify other people's answer to your question right or wrong for 24 hours or don't ask a question after you've been verified correct for 24 hours someone else can ask a new question. If no-one can answer your question correctly for three days then you can ask a new question. The winner is the person with highest score at the end of the month! There are also awards that you can get by doing certain things, they are listed below.


+=The Dominator award: Answer 3 or more questions in a row.
*=The Speed Demon Award: Answer a question within five minutes of it being posted.

I have removed two of the awards seeing as they are rather easy in this game.

Ok so the people that arn't allowed to play are:

- Me
- MarzM (Because he is big and scary and may intimidate the new players :wink: , that or he's just too dam good at the game.)
- Skcuzzlebumm (Because he knows far too much)
- And anybody else who gets more than five questions right in the main quiz.
- Any previous winners of this quiz (you should be good enough to go into the main one now)

Any questions which me or MarmZ believe to be too hard will be changed. This is to get more people getting involved and learning things.

So yea go to it the first question is:

How many orginal Tratior Space Marine Chapters were there?


Elchimpster: 9 - No Longer Playing
asianavatar: 7 - No Longer Playing
Wrath of Khaine: 7*
501st: 5
SensaiSwindler: 5
Words_Of_Truth: 5*
Slade: 4
Pyromatic Tendancies:2
stormshroud: 2
The Wraithlord: 2
firewolf: 2
cccp_one: 2
loyalist42: 2
Sei'Fir: 1
Celephus Drax: 1
Son Of Horus: 1
freaklord: 1
koppo: 1

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*points above this post*

asianavatar got that I believe, them being: Alpha legion, word bearers, Sons of horus/Luna wolves, Thousand Sons, Night Lords, death guard, world eaters, iron warriors, and Emperor's children
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