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Hey guys! I haven't been online for a while, but the reason why is due to the fact that I've actually been toning down my hobby habits! :(

So with that I am Selling my Necron Army, of which I will just C&P the description with a link to the listing, there are some good photos on there.



So I'm selling my beloved Necron Army that I have had for a fair while, of which is just collecting dust and well, need to move on to someone who will actually play with them! This will be a Brilliant army to start with or use to bolster up your current!
Everything will be packed & protected for posting, of which will Include a custom K&R Backpack Case. The usual Wear & Tear will apply, some models have minor damage, Like I know a destroyer or two have missing arms (non-gun arms), a few broken bits & missing green rods on the unpainted.

Pictures are not amazing but it's to show the colour/models, The yellow/orange glow effect was done with an Airbrush. Though not all painted models are finished, may needs eyes to be painted etc. Small details.

List Of Models

10x Immortals w/ Tesla
30x Warriors
1x Lord w/ Res Orb
1x Overlord w/ Res Orb
1x DoomScythe
2x Annihilation/Command Barge
2x Canoptek Spyders
9x Scarabs
6x Destroyers

10x Immortals w/ Blasters
5x Immortals w/Tesla
2x Lords w/Res Orbs
2x Crypteks
3x Destroyers
10x Lychguards
1x Triach Stalker - Not Photo'd
1x Illuminor Szeras - Not Photo'd
1x Orikan The Diviner
1x Anrakyr The Traveller

The total cost to buy all of this would be: £494 + 104.99 For K&R Custom Case.

Totalling £598.99

If the auction ends at above £200 I will include the custom K&R Case Free of charge.

There could possibly be some more Items I will add to this bundle that I need to find, of which even if I found them after the auction I would PM the buyer & send for free. I think it may just be some deathmarks and metal wraiths. That is if they are still in a box somewhere.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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