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For all those WAAC players who love the competitive scene whether it be at tournaments or with friends, I thought this would be a good thread to begin and add on to. Basically, I want to compile the most competitive builds of each army within each individual codex. This means each race will feature its best builds and there are no "no Daemonhunters or Necrons builds will be featured because the races suck." I would also like this to be a continuous discussion that we can all add on to and I will of course add sources to pertinent information I add to the original posts since I'm not familiar with every army and their strongest lists. Of course, I also want to hear justification on why each army belongs on this list and we can all discuss the merits of each build. So let's begin...

Blood Angels
Chaos Daemons
Chaos Space Marines
Dark Eldar
Imperial Guard
Space Marines
Space Wolves
1. Tyranid MC spam - Tyranids can still play MC spam in 5th with many new toys outside of the carnifex. The prominent components of these lists feature triple tervigon as troops choices offering MC scoring units and maxed out heavy support featuring trygons. To complement these lists, kitted out tyrant/swarmlord deathstars will annihilate pretty much all cc units in the game. Elite slots will be completely filled with hive guard, zoanthropes + pod, and occasionally venomthropes, or the deathleaper. This list's viability comes from its ability to put down multiple T6 multi-wound MCs that complement each other fairly well. Tervigon's spamming catalyst and spawning scoring gants at key game moments can twist the game to your favor while trygons or carnifex deathstars barrel down the field. Some alternatives to the typical build include triple carnifexes with lashwhip primes to neutralize the initiative weakness of fexes, or adding large broods of gargoyles to screen tervigons.

http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=69256 (2250-2500 pts)

Witch hunters

As you can see from my example above, I want to establish a brief description of how the list plays and why it is competitively viable. If you would like to link to existing threads that emulate that build/play style then I can link them here as well so I can avoid making tons of huge lists that take up lots of space. Feel free to rip apart my critique and whatever I write up here as well to ensure the I stay on my toes! If the list has any fun names I wouldn't mind putting that in either (fatecrusher! leafblower!... na leafblower sucks as a name...).
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