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Hey all, I decided I may aswell start a new thread of this, as updating all the scenarios would have become a little hectic and confusing.

+Weather Patterns+

Agri Worlds

Hail the size of golf balls are pounding your warriors like a drum. Moving Infantry and Swarms requires a difficult terrain test. Open-topped vehicles crew may not fire if the vehicle moved in the movement phase. Jetbikes, bikes and jump infantry must take a dangerous terrain if they moved at their full speed including turbo boosters. Monsterous Creatures, Tanks and Skimmers do not suffer any of the rules of Hail. Hail ignores cover unless it has protection from above (e.g a roof or a densly packed tree-top), so cover saves cannot be used for units needing to take a dangerous terrain test.

Heavy Rain
A rainstorm rolls over the battlefield, severely hindering visibility. All units are subject to the Night fighting special rules.

Lightning Storm
Vicous lightning strikes tear across the battlefield, ripping at the landscape with electricuted forks of death. At the beginning of every players turn a lightning bolts strikes the table. A scatter dice is rolled and placed at the centre of the table, 3D6 is then rolled which determines how many inches away from the scatter die's direction the lightning bolt strikes, just like you were using a missile launcher or deep striking. If the scatter lands on direct hit, it is re-rolled until it lands on a direction. The lightning bolt is represented by a small blast marker, Strength 4, AP 6.

Harsh Winds and Gales
Howling winds are ripping at your army, grinding your advancement to a steady slow. The players roll a D6 whoever scores the highest on the dice gets an extra D3 to their Run to signify the wind blowing on their side. Infantry and Swarms must take a difficult terrain test when moving in the movement phase. Units with turbo boost may not use it. Tanks, Skimmers and Monsterous creatures do not suffer any of the rules of Harsh Winds and Gales.

On most worlds, the planet is prone to tornadoes or 'Twisters'. Tornadoes often appear with little warning and can take a huge toll on the area around them. The Twister is represented by a large blast marker, and is placed in the centre of the table to start. At the beginning of every turn, a scatter dice is rolled, determining the direction of the twister, and 2D6 are rolled to determine the distance it is moved. If the scatter lands on a Direct Hit, re-roll it until it has found a direction. Any units below must take a dangerous terrain test and may not move for the rest of that go.

Dust storm/Fog
Although fairly uncommon on temperate worlds, they are still not unheard of. All units on the table are subject to Night Fighting rules

Rodent Swarm
Similar to the locusts that used to inhabit Old Terra, flying rodents zoom across the battlefield consuming anything they can lay their mouth-parts on, ah the Tyranids would be proud. Like the twister, a small blast marker is placed in the centre of the table. Each turn, a scatter dice is rolled and 3D6 rolled to determine direction and movement. Each unit under the small blast marker take dangerous terrain tests when they move.

Ice Worlds

Blizzard - By MidnightSun
A furious gale of snow and ice whips around the battlefield. All movement and range is halved as warriors struggle through the mounting snow banks, and walk doubled against the shards of flying ice. This includes assaulting distances. Skimmers must roll a Dangerous Terrain test if they move, as ice and snow gets caught in the anti-grav motors. Other vehicles may only move 2D6 inches as the tracks are unable to find purchase on the slippery ground.

If Snow is in play, all weapon ranges are reduced by half to signify the huge reduction in visibility.

Sub Zero Drop
The temperature rapidly drops, freezing pipes, wheels and weapons alike. At the beginning of each turn a D6 is rolled. On the roll of a 1,2 or a 3 the temperature descends drastically and stays below freezing for the rest of the turn. On the roll of a 4+ the temperature stays at an ideal condition. If the temperature does decrease, all Vehicles and must roll over a 4, if they roll under this the weapon suffers a Crew Stunned to signify the freezing of the weapons, joints, ammunition and barrels.

Im planning to make some desert world and alien weather patterns soon, and would love some suggestions for the Alien world guys :) Oh and please feel free to add any you want to the lists above. :D

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I too see where you are coming from lawrence, but this is not a random generator, it is simply ideas for the weather. You're methods make it more realistic, but keeping it the way I and other have suggested is much simpler.
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