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firstly, don't scatter dice have an arrow on the "hit" side for weapons that scatter no matter what? so you don't need the re-roll mechanic.

secondly for the twister, i would make it so every model under the templates path have to roll a D6 and to be removed as a casualty on a roll of 5+ (to represent the twister sucking them up into the sky/being impaled by debris carried by the twister

thirdly why are skimmers immune to the harsh winds/gale weather condition- surely these would eb the units most affected by them due to the hovering that they do (i.e. a balloon is moved further by wind than a shed)

Also i would simplify the chart by having players either choose/roll for the enviroment, with the weather descritptions being on it like below

Roll a D6 for enviroment:

1= Agri World
2= Hive World
3= Ice World
4= Forge World
5= Desert World
6= Death World

Roll a D6 for initial conditions:

1/2/3/4= Level 1 Weather
5/6= Level 2+ Weather*
* Roll D6 on conditions chart for weather type (re-roll 1's)

Roll a D6 to see what happens to the weather

1/2= weather gets better**
3/4= weather stays the same
5/6= weather gets worse**
**or 1/2/3 better if at worst weather level and visa versa

Level:Weather Conditions (set out in Agri World/ Hive World/ Ice World ect)
Level 1:Fine, clear, normal weather
Level 2:Rain/ Fog/ Snow/ Smoke/ Dust Storm/ Bug Swarm= Use night fighting rules
Level 3:Strong Winds= all infantry movement reduced to D6. Roll a D6 for each skimmer on the table, a roll of 6 results in a glancing hit
Level 4:Heavy Rain/ Acid Rain/ Hail/ Toxic Smoke/ Sand Storm/ Deadly Bug Swarm= Infantry take difficult terrain tests, Bikes/Jetbikes take dangerous terrain tests
Level 5: ??
Level 6: Lightning Storm/?/ Blizzard/?/Twister/?=a large blast marker is placed in the centre of the table to start,every turn a scatter dice and 2D6 are rolled to determine the path. Any models below the path take a wound (Saves allowed)

that's how i'd dop it anyways, unsure what to put for level 5 and some of the other levels conditions for the individual enviroments.

game wise it would procced like this:

Roll D6 for enviroment, result is 3 which is a Ice world
roll D6 for initital conditions, result is a 5 which is bad weather
Roll D6 for which bad weather condition is in effect, result is a 2 which is Strong winds.
This lasts until player 2's first turn, he then rolls a D6. The result is a 6 which means the weather goes from level 2 (strong winds) to level 3 (Hail).
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