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As many of the older players may have enjoyed and possibly played in 2004 was the worldwide Storm of Chaos event. I liked playing the scenario halting the tide scenario. Digging this out not too long ago made me think how I might adapt it to a 40K and here it is: (ps I am sorry if this has been attempted numerous times before)

Title: Halting the Tide

Board size: Standard 6 by 4 feet should do the trick

Number of turns: As many needed until the defender is wiped out

Army compositions: One player as the defender sets his army to a points limit he likes. This should be less than 2000 points unless playing this apocalypse style. The other player who is the attacker gets twice as many points than the defender. To compensate for the crowded force organization chart the attacker gets double the usual slots of everything. However the compulsory slots are also doubled so 4 troops choices and 2 HQ's are needed.

Terrain: Should be set up as seen fit

Deployment zones. The defender is allowed to place his units anywhere in his side but has to be under 12 inches from the table edge. The attacker deploys the same but his units must be at least 24 inches away from enemies. The attacker deploys first

Special rules: All the normal apply apart from the following 2 are also added.

This is just simply to big to sneak up on people...: This rule means that the attacker has to big an army to hide it from the defender so they are ready for them and have prepared for their arrival. The defender automatically gets the first turn and the attacker may never attempt to steal the initiative.

It's Game over Man!: The defender knows that his troops are going to die and as such they will stand their ground to cause as much damage as possible before they fall like heroes of legend. The entire of the defenders army benefits from the "And They Shall Know No Fear" rule. Look in Codex Space Marines for more info.

Please rate as to how this works

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This scenario sounds quite good... I think I am going to try it one day...

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