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Saw this advertised on TV the last few days and thought i'd have a look.
Many years ago I collected magazines that were sent of fortnightly and they go on forever and cost a fortune over time so I've alway been wary since, but I do love the 40k universe.

For those that have not seen it. Every two weeks a magazine and a hardback book is available to buy. 1st edition £1.99, 2nd edition £6.99 and the next 78 edition £9.99 (so £788.20 in total over 3 years) told you it gets expensive. The 1st book is The First Heretic, 2nd book is Xenos.

Just wondering if anyone is going to buy this? I actually think its a brilliant way to get in to reading 40k, but for those who already do, how many books are going to be included that we already have? I'm assuming they will refo the entire heresy series - are they going to do The beast series again? Gaunts Ghosts? etc etc. Is there actually going to be anything new at all in there?

I love the look of the boks and would really like to have them all on my shelf but not really a sensible thing to do.
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