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40k Endgame

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Its been rumoured that Andy Chambers left GW because he wanted to push it, fluffwise, into the 'endgame' period, and they refused, aiming to maintain the status quo. Personally i thought this would have been a fantastic move forward for the system. Also, it seems like an appropriate topic to discuss on this 'elite' section of the site.

So: Any ideas for how this could have been done, what the storyline would have been etc?

Speculation would be very welcome.

Personally, i think it could have been done as a seperate book, a little like the cityfight/armageddon/lustria type expansions, but maybe a lot larger. Say another book the same size as the BBB, but with one third additional rules/alterations/clarifications for this period, another 2 thirds a combination of awesome bonus fluff, and a series of alterations for this period for all the codexes.

This way, they'd never have had to alter anything else and if it took off, they could throw their weight behind it. Perhaps it would be targetted at the more experienced gamer, and help compensate for the simplification that 40k has gone through, providing more detailed morale rules etc. I feel morale would be particularly appropriate in a situation with isolated pockets of resistance, whilst helping to inject some new life into one of the parts i feel is weakest in the 40k rules.

Perhaps a greater emphasis could have been placed on story based campaigns, and games that wern't points balanced.

Some of my favourite scenarios used to be the last stand ones for fantasy ages ago, or when i fought battles where we nominated story based objectives for the win: I.e, like the battle report they did ages ago based on the necron codex, where the objectives were created according to a story. Flayed ones must kill guard commander in cc, deathwatch must psychically tag a necron, then trace it back to its tomb, which they then proceded to fight a small kill team type battle alongside the main battle report.

Does anyone remember this one? - It always struck me as the pinnacle of what the GW systems could achieve as becoming as immersive as possible...

Anyway, just a ton of thoughts...
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I thought this was the case, but my head spiralled out of control at the possibilities...
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